Photoshop To HTML To WordPress Tutorial 1 – Intro

Photoshop To HTML To WordPress Tutorial 1 – Intro

This indepth course will take you through the basics of how to develop your photoshop website design into something that can function as a valid and -standards-based- website.

This video talks about the outline of the course.

Link to project source files is here:


7 Replies to “Photoshop To HTML To WordPress Tutorial 1 – Intro”

  1. This was extremely helpful! Thank you. Filled in some knowledge gaps I was really struggling to figure out. Cheers!

  2. I just recorded a video series-tutorials about wordpress and I uploaded one of the 25 videos on YT today. I uploaded a sample part of the training course on my channel.. just visit: –> /watch?v=O5IxGC6-CtU <== or go to my channel to watch it

  3. I work as a web developer and I made a series of 25 video tutorials about wordpress. WordPress developers agree that it’s the most extensive wordpress training ever. You can watch a sneak peek from this course on my channel..

  4. quick question does it cost alot to convert a website from a psd file to wordpress …its not difficult ? lets say you designed a website like facebook would it be hard to convert to wordpress and wat would something like that cost …rough estimate….. i dont want to be cheated by this company…thanks

  5. This is really useful, but can’t stand to listen. Please learn to use a mic! You have great content, people would watch…

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