Pages, Posts, And Menus – WordPress Tutorial 4

Pages, Posts, And Menus – WordPress Tutorial 4

In this tutorial I show you how to set up new pages, posts and menus in WordPress. Now you’ll be able to turn your standard WordPress installation into a more usable website.

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19 Replies to “Pages, Posts, And Menus – WordPress Tutorial 4”

  1. how do you move your local host WordPress files to web host, to actually display website/blog? would you use FTP?

    I was having problems connecting to local host database when I tried that.

  2. Hey Quentin, great tutorial as always.

    I hope you manage to raise the money for your degree; I’ve recently finished the 1st year of my Computer Science (Software Engineering) degree and it was the best decision I ever made.

  3. Hey Quentin!
    thanks for all the tutorials man, really great to see a tut with a South African accent for once haha
    keep it up dude!

  4. my goal is to use this on a single page of my website.
    -I want to let users choose a username. (that has not already been taken)
    -Ask them a couple questions
    -Then email me when this is completed.

    how would I go about this? any help would be greatly appreciated!!! THANKS!!!

  5. How do you make a post displayed on a specific page, such as “about us”. Whenever i make a post, it displays on a random page.


  6. Hey great tutorial. a quick question, what’s the difference between blog post and page?
    forgive me for the newbie question.

  7. Nice video mate..!
    Help me with below query.

    I would like to add few videos from different sites in my page and would like to create a menu as Videos with sub items as different kind of videos like Technology, Entertinment etf.

    Now each video here is a single post or is there any plugin to show the videos as a thumbnail with grid .

    At the moment I have created each video as single post and worked, however the videos are showing in my blog post as well.
    I don’t like to show these posts with videos category on Blog page.

    Please help me..!!


  8. Do you pay for a fuller version of WordPress? I’m trying to make a page with multiple posts but I don’t see the black left sidebar with all of those settings available to me…

  9. nice) I am half way trough this course and I already feel like I can do so much with WP))))) Thanks!

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