Promotion Slider – WordPress Tutorial Video

Promotion Slider – WordPress Tutorial Video

In this WordPress tutorial video we cover setting up the Promotional Slider plugin, along with various customizations. Free WordPress training by Site Sparker.


WordPress Slider Tutorial : How To Add An Image Slider To WordPress

WordPress Slider Tutorial : How To Add An Image Slider To WordPress

WOW Slider:
Wordpress Slider Full Tutorial:

This video is for WOW Slider v.2.4+

1. Create a slideshow in the app and click “Publish”,
select “WordPress jQuery Slider” as an export option, get plugin
2. Install and activate the created WP module — as WordPress plugin
3. WOW Slider menu will appear. Go to WOW Slider – All Sliders and copy the shortcode of your slider,
for this example
4. Add the shortcode inside the page where you want your image gallery to appear
5. Preview changes
6. Use WOW Slider wordpress menu “WOW Slider – Add New” to add each next slider image gallery


Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

WP Dashboard Overview Tutorial. This video will give a basic overview of the WordPress dashboard including how to do a post and a page as well as plugins.

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How To Create A Free Website – With Free Domain + Hosting – With – WordPress Website Developer

How To Create A Free Website – With Free Domain + Hosting – With – WordPress Website Developer

In This video i will shows you a Super-Fast way to Create your WordPress Website with Free domain name and Free hosting. This video for those who want to start their small business or initially they just want to experiment with website and want to gain their knowledge about how WordPress website works ? I will try to do my best to show you every single step.

And feel free to Ask me anything regarding this video in comment section.

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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! | In this second WordPress tutorial for beginners, I’ll give a rundown on the different areas of the WordPress dashboard in your administration consol.

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Enfold Theme Tutorial | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

Enfold Theme Tutorial | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

Special discount offer! 70% discount at hostgator!!

In this Enfold Theme Tutorial I show you how to make a beautiful premium WordPress website from start to finish with the best selling theme Enfold: Even without any knowledge about making websites you can follow this tutorial easily! Enjoy!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:

Enfold theme:

Permalink code:

Quick CSS:
div .logo { top: 5px; }
.responsive .logo img { margin: 5px auto; }

00:01 Welcome
00:07 Overview of the website we are going to make

Domain name and hosting
03:50 Get webhosting and a domain name
06:50 Get discount through the coupon code ‘wordpressking’

Hostgator Control Panel
08:05 Go to the control panel and login
09:40 Install WordPress on your webhosting

Configure WordPress
11:32 Login to WordPress
12:38 Change username password
13:46 Clean up your WordPress website
15:40 Create better permalinks for your website (SEO)

Building the website
17:02 Create some webpages
20:47 Order your pages in a menu and assign the menu
23:17 Make submenu’s in the menu

Get a premium theme for WordPress
24:37 Some examples of good websites
25:07 Go to wordpressking:com and get the Enfold theme
29:40 Download the Enfold theme
32:00 Install and activate the Enfold theme in WordPress

Enfold Theme options
33:00 Choosing frontpage and blogpage, add logo, favicon and Analytics
36:45 Install Google Analytics Dashboard plugin
38:41 General Layout: Width website, menu settings etc:

General styling
40:45 Change the look and feel, colours and use custom css
43:15 Change the menu
44:59 Change fonts on your website

Advanced styling
45:28 Change widget title size and h1, h3 and h3 and menu colors

Header settings
47:47 Change logo and menu positions, header settings, title/breadcrumb display and header behaviour
49:43 Edit the top header bar settings
50:58 Change the Transparency Option
51:57 Sidebar settings
52:42 Footer settings
54:00 Remove the ‘powered by Enfold’ text *UPDATE*
The best way to remove the text above is to go to The Footer settings in the Enfold theme settings, go to the Copyright text area and place after the text: that removes the Enfold text:

Contact Form 7
55:40 Make a contact form and configure it

Edit Page Editor
56:45 Visual editor and text editor
58:58 Update page after pasting form code and refresh the contact page

Create a sidebar with widgets
1:00:41 Create a sidebar and add some widgets

Change menu settings
1:07:01 Change color settings of the menu

Edit Contact Page
1:07:56 Edit the Contact Page

Blog Page
1:08:58 Create post categories and add a new post with text, a video and a picture
1:10:55 Select a featured Image
1:12:35 Adjust your post with The Advanced Layout Editor
1:14:03 Add widget to blogposts
1:16:36 Headers and alinea’s
1:24:10 Change the blog layout
1:25:40 Expand the Advanced Layout Editor

Portfolio page
1:31:28 Create portfolio categories add a portfolio item and add a gallery to it
1:44:28 Configure the portfolio page

Footer Widgets
1:53:30 Add some footer widgets
About us, Facebook Like Box, Latest portfolio items, latest blog entries

Services page
1:59:28 Edit the services page

About me page
2:19:05 Edit the about me page

Home page
2:31:20 Edit the homepage

3:00:00 Congrats! You made a website!


How To Make A WordPress Website | Beginner 2017

How To Make A WordPress Website | Beginner 2017

Special discount offer! 70% discount at hostgator!!

Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2017. This is my best WordPress tutorial so far. In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a beautiful, stunning and functional WordPress website with the Enfold theme. You will be amazing by the possibilities of this theme. I make use of the Enfold theme, the best WordPress Theme in my opinion.

As a webdesigner I come across a lot of clients who have certain wishes. Sometimes they have their own theme already in mind. Almost every time I convince them that it is also possible with the Enfold theme. I know that theme the best and it works like charm! With WordPress and the Enfold theme you can make outstanding websites! And I will show you everything I know about this theme in this tutorial! Goodluck with making a great website!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:
Enfold Theme:

Use Coupon Code WordPressKing for the first month for $ 0,01
Use Coupon Code WordPressKing25 to get at least 25% on the entire plan

Download the images I use in this tutorial:
Enfold Theme Example Pages:
Tutorial website:

Overview of the WordPress Tutorial:
00:00 Intro
06:38 Get a Domain and Webhosting
11:08 Install WordPress
13:14 Clean up/organize the backend of your website

18:55 Create the pages that you want to have on your website
20:58 Create and assign your menu

24:24 Get the WordPress Enfold Theme
29:13 Install the Enfold Theme
31:20 Configure WordPress Settings

Configure the Enfold Theme:
33:55 Theme Options (choose homepage, upload logo and favicon)
36:03 General Layout
37:47 General Styling
43:07 Advanced Styling

45:18 Header Settings
51:08 Sidebar Settings
52:12 Footer Settings
54:50 Google Services
55:18 Demo import options

56:17 The Contact page
56:34 Basics of alinea’s, rules and headers
57:07 Introduction to the (amazing) Advanced Layout Editor
58:08 Install and place Contact Form 7 and add a sidebar
1:00:25 Introduction to the color section
1:01:52 Add Create a sidebar and assign it to a page
1:02:13 Add a text widget
1:07:42 Add a Facebook Likebox

1:08:53 The Blog page
1:09:03 Create your first blogpost with the Advanced Layout Editor
1:14:31 Import Layout Elements in your blogost
1:18:31 Insert and adjust images in your text block
1:23:35 Take your blogpost to the next level with a transparant header, image in the header, video in the header, text over the video. A lot of cool stuff! 🙂
1:33:29 Adjust the transparency of your transparent header background.

1:38:06 Change the post time of your blogost (or schedule it)
Edit the Blog page layout

Follow up tutorials:
WooCommerce Tutorial:

Mailchimp Tutorial:

SEO Tutorial

Thanks guys and goodluck! beginners


WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

This is the beginning of a series on WordPress. In this initial lesson we learn what WordPress is, why it’s useful, and get a feel for what we’ll learn in upcoming lessons (admin screens, custom theme development). Check out my updated (2017) premium WordPress for Beginners course:

Watch the full playlist for this WordPress series:

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How To Make A WordPress Website – 2017 – UPDATED!!

How To Make A WordPress Website – 2017 – UPDATED!!

Learn how to make a wordpress website – step by step!
Demo wordpress website:
Text tutorial:

If you like this free version (which we use in this tutorial), you might love the premium Sydney theme:
(you do not need to buy this but might want to for the additional functionality it offers)


This is the new and improved How to Make a WordPress website tutorial video made specifically for 2017.

10:48 – Step #1 Get Domain and Hosting for Worpdress website

15:38 – Step #2 Go to email inbox

16:02 – Step #3 Log into Cpanel

16:51 – Step #4 Install WordPress for website

19:01 – Step #5 Log into WordPress website

20:31 – Step #6 Install WordPress Website theme (sydney)

21:43 – Step #7 Install Child WordPress theme

23:55 – Step #8 Install required plugins to make WordPress website

25:53 – Step #9 Install Other WordPress plugins

33:42 – Step #10 Download zip file with demo images

34:48 – Step #11 Upload WordPress demo files

36:34 – Step #12 Create WordPress Homepage and Blog page

40:29 – Step #13 Edit and make WordPress website Slider

47:13 – Step #14 Select theme options

53:55 – Step #15 Create logo and favicon for wordpress website

59:04 – Step #16 Modify permalinks

1:01:05 – Step #17 Customize and make wordpress homepage

1:01:17 – Step #18 Create About Section

1:10:25 – Step #19 Create Call to Action

1:20:28 – Step #20 Create Blog Section

1:22:43 – Step #21 Create Call to Action (again)

1:26:21 – Step #22 Create Social Media Buttons

1:31:26 – Step #23 Create About Page

1:48:17 – Step #24-A Create Employee Profiles

1:52:16 – Step #24-B Create Employee Page

2:01:12 – Step #25 Make Image Gallery

2:08:34 – Step #26 Build Contact Us Page

2:19:12 – Step #27 Create Testimonials Page

2:37:50 – Step #28 Create Blog Posts

2:42:57 – Step #29 Select Comment Options

2:43:55 – Step #30 Customize Widgets

2:48:34 – Step #31 Create header menu

2:50:57 – Step #32 Customize Copyright footer

2:52:14 – Step #33 Translate wordpress website

3:00:20 – Step #34 Publish worpdress website


You’re awesome!!

This tutorial will teach you how to make a wordpress website for free and is super easy. You will learn how to use wordpress and make a wordpress website from scratch. Learning how to make a wordpress website has never been easier!

This video tutorial up to date with the latest wordpress has to offer as of 2016 and I think you will learn how to build something really special and learn how to customize and make an amazing wordpress website. I hope you enjoy!

tl;dr Learn how to make a wordpress website for free 2016. This is a step by step video on making a wordpress website. I walk you through everything from beginning to end with no steps skipped 🙂


WordPress Tutorial | Step-by-Step | WordPress For Beginners – 75 Bite Size Videos & More

WordPress Tutorial | Step-by-Step | WordPress For Beginners – 75 Bite Size Videos & More

Need a complete step by step walk through of every single aspect of WordPress!

This video is for those of you that want to get the most out of your websites using wordpress. This wordpress tutorial for beginners introduces you to the power of wordpress and shows you how to access almost a hundred different short videos explaining how to use this powerful software in very easy steps.

WordPress is a free website builder that’s used by millions of people across the world. It’s fully customizable and comes with thousands of free website templates, plug-ins and widgets to allow you to make an amazing website or blog. I have built a membership site to focus on the specifics of how to create a website or blog using this software and how to leverage this fantastic tool. This membership site contains over 75 bite sized videos covering every aspect of web design with wordpress.

Some of the information covered includes:
• How to make a website for free in minutes
• How to set up website hosting
• A complete walkthrough of everything you will need to know to set up, maintain and grow your site
• How to build a website to make money
• Search engine optomization (SEO)
• Social media (twitter, facebook, you tube)
• Lead capture strategies (email marketing)
• Bonuses, plug-ins, resources & tools

If you have ever wondered what are the steps for creating a website and how to make and host a website, all your answers are here. You’ll also get plenty of good ideas for making a website or blog and learn how to make free websites in a matter of minutes. After watching these videos you’ll know how to make your own website highly functional and looking amazing!

So, let’s go over to and I will step you through the membership site. Click the link to get started. Please note, space is limited, so I encourage you to join now so that you can learn how to create a website in next to no time.

Ok, if you clicked the link you’ll now be at the membership site where you can learn how to create a website with wordpress. The first thing you need to do is to submit your best email address for you to get access to the training. The next page is the registration page, here you can create a username, enter your password and fill in a few other details. Then submit your registration. If you check your email, you should have a confirmation email.

Now you can log in and access all the training information on how to build a website and customize it with wordpress. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is to create a website for free. Once you have logged in you’ll be in the membership area. I’m going to play you the welcome video now.

[Welcome Video: You are now clicks away from creating a website and you’ll find it so easy to build a website using wordpress. Plus, you’ll save plenty of money because you don’t need a costly web designer or web development company, you’re essentially your own webmaster! This will allow you to create your own websites in minutes!

I have put together an awesome training course based on my experience and the tools that I use to streamline website development and create full-functional websites in minutes. You’ll see the layout of the course in the left hand navigation bar.

Once you have completed these tutorials on how to create a website, you should be able to leverage the power of this fantastic software to create amazing websites. Your website will be attractive and fully functional. I’m confident that you will find great value in this training and will ultimately be able to save plenty of time taking this streamlined approach. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section of each video. You can also contact me directly through emailing me at

So that’s the welcome video and I really do encourage you to make any comments or ask questions about the training material so that I can help you out. If we have a quick look at these modules, you’ll see that they are all broken down into small, bite sized videos. Anything you want to accomplish with your website can be done through these videos.

There is also some advanced training available, like SEO tutorials, traffic capture strategies and so forth. There is information on the best plug-ins that you must have for any website, as well as information on affiliate marketing, and heaps more. I will be continuing to add more information to the site so that it continues to be a great source of information as you develop your skills.

Don’t hesitate on signing up for this training and learn how to build a website for free using wordpress. Spaces are limited, so please don’t delay in registering at