Page Specific Menus – Conditional Menus WordPress Tutorial 2017

Page Specific Menus – Conditional Menus WordPress Tutorial 2017

It happens, you need a different menu on a different page on your WordPress Website. Well, you can have Page Specific Menus quite easily with a WordPress Plugin.

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In this Tutorial I’ll show you how with a great plugin calked, strangely enough, “Conditional Menus”, and it works alike a charm.

The Plugin is on the WordPress Plugin Directory here:

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9 Replies to “Page Specific Menus – Conditional Menus WordPress Tutorial 2017”

  1. In this video, you show a perfect combination to the One Page Scroll Navigation.
    It’s exactly what I wanted for my Portfolio page. Congratulations Jakson!

  2. Hello Jackson you help me a lot with your amazing tutorial, thank you very much, but i have a question. in the case my site es multilingual with three language, how can i make it work it because it only take one language, can you help me? pleeeeease 🙂 thanks

  3. Hi Jakson, is it possible to use this plugin also with woocommerce plugin? I wish to have different menu for my blog and eshop.

  4. I had to watch two other long videos that ended up not working for me. This is exactly what I wanted and I had already had the plug in installed and working before the video finished. Thanks! MelloD

  5. Hello!, this is really helpfull, I would have to change the logo too, is there a way to do it?


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