Master Slider WordPress Plugin | Working With Layers

Master Slider WordPress Plugin | Working With Layers

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  1. Interesting video. Too bad for the grammar! LOL
    Hint: “See what you doing” -> “See what you’re doing” might look and sound better, especially on a promotional video.

  2. For me the part that is making me run up walls is when I copy the short code of the slider [masterslider id=”6″] as an example and add it to the page and place I want it all I see when I view changes is a wheel loading where the slider is meant to be…

    maybe someone can explain why?

  3. Hi there… yeah commentary would be nice…..

    Is it possible to copy a text layer on the next slide? So that my text (its navigation info and maybe some email and whatnot) would appera on all slides???


    Rad plug, btw…


  4. Hi, Ive been having a problem with my plugin and so far I have not received any help. I downloaded the master slider pro on my wordpress website. My theme is Ultra by Themify. After I created a slide and wanted to add it in my home page, i tried to add it by copying the shortcode to a text editor and it shows up blank. How can I fix this? Please Help!!

  5. Hi ,
    This is nice and very easy to use and also ultimately effective plugin for making tonic slider .

  6. can i create the master slider in android…If u have any idea about it please share with me..because still i am very confused..

  7. really struggling to hear the explanation behind these seemingly random pointer clicks ?

  8. when i resize “New Hair Style” it puts all the words on a new line.
    Instead of New Hair Styles its like this


  9. How can I do a mouseover image with this plugin ? (For example in this video : the image “btn” like “learn more”) Is this possible ?

  10. You should also consider the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker. When thinking about that barely 6% of all WordPress users upgraded to PHP 7 this plugin might become very usefull.

  11. Where is the audio? I can’t find a single tutorial with audio! So frustrating!

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