Master Slider WordPress Plugin (Free Version) – Introduction

Master Slider WordPress Plugin (Free Version) – Introduction


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  1. I wish I Could get this to work. I can’t for the life of me, figure out how to add my own images.

  2. Seems to be a great tool. BUT got the same problem like mom ‘n daughther below. And unfortunately it doesn’t work with theme Dazzling under WP. CF1909

  3. Trying to watch tutorials without sound is putting me to sleep – guess I’ll deactivate this slider, I have so many with this theme that it’s getting annoying trying to figure out which to use…. ugh!

  4. I tute good but how do I put in the code of the subject chose ??

  5. I want to have both ”portrait” and ”landcapse” type photo in one slider. Apperently it is not possbile because we have only one crop choice for each master slide. So I tried to create two different master slides and place both of them in the same page with their shortcodes([masterslider id=”10″] [masterslider id=”8″]) However it did not work as I wanted by appearing two images at the same time. Could you help me with doing it if its possible?

  6. Under what type of licence is the free version ? I want to use it in my client’s wordpress theme.

  7. This slide taught me better than any of the other DRONING voices on the web talking about this same subject. Well done! Especially ZOOMING on the shortcode at the end!

  8. Is there any way to put text over the photos and also a link for READ MORE option so it directs viewer to another page?

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