Link Library For WordPress Tutorial – 1 – The Basics

Link Library For WordPress Tutorial – 1 – The Basics

First tutorial on using the Link Library plugin for WordPress, covering the basics of installation and use

Download the plugin for free:


6 Replies to “Link Library For WordPress Tutorial – 1 – The Basics”

  1. how do i get rid of the bullet points and display the description under the image then spacing it without having the next link being directly underneath? 

  2. Hi Yannick, great plugin, and also a great tutorial. I install the plugin, but the menüs ar in france. Can you tell me how I can change the plugin in English language. Thank´s for your help

  3. Kalendar KleinerWolf, the french admin should only appear if your WordPress admin is in french itself. If you have installed a french admin and absolutely want the menus in english, delete the french translation files under the plugin’s languages directory.

  4. Hello Yannick,

    Is there a way to import Link Library settings from a WordPress site backup so I dont have to start from scratch? Im a web designer and my client had a dedicated page for links to other blogs. In the new site, link library wasnt imported for some reason and so the “blogroll” page only displays a few Link Library shortcodes due to the fact that all the settings such as the categories were not ported over. I do have a backup of her old site and so I was wondering if there there was a way to import Link Library settings so that I can get the “blogroll” page to display all of those links again? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  5. Hello Yannick!

    This is not auto populating any of my existing links after the install. Help!

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