How To Use The Divi Builder WordPress Plugin

How To Use The Divi Builder WordPress Plugin

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How to use the Divi Builder – Building out a full landing page for your #WordPress website

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15 Replies to “How To Use The Divi Builder WordPress Plugin”

  1. Masha Allah, Nice tutorial !! Please, make a video on how to make a fully functioning dynamic blog using DIVI and plz show how to use ACF with it also 🙂

  2. I am using Divi builder but different Theme (theme not from Elegant Themes), how can I do full width modules (images and other types of content) ? I know there are Full Width options in the plugin settings but this does work only with Elegant Themes and on others Themes doesn’t

  3. 1. First i would like to thank you for your videoes.
    2. Please (at least) be honest and point out that the VISUAL Divi Builder (as you show) works only on their themes, it doesn’t work on other themes. I know it because i’ve bought their developer plan and thought it would work on my themes, but unfortunlly they wrote me that i am right and gave me back my money. more over they pointed that in the future they will develop a Visual Builder that will work for all wordpress themes.
    3. Happy holidays.

  4. omg.. there we go down the rabbit hole – possibilities = infinite
    thank you for showing and guiding – great stuff as usual 🙂

  5. “Amazing tutorial and fantastic plugin ” divi builder ” the ultimate in web development.

  6. Great Video!

    Your thought process is very linear and makes it quite easy to understand 🙂

  7. hi, thanks for your amazing video, but i can not find this plugin in wordpress

  8. You’re a whole lotta awesome! Thank you so much for making this fun as well as useful!

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