How To Use Mailchimp | Full Tutorial

How To Use Mailchimp | Full Tutorial

In this Mailchimp tutorial I show you everything there is to know about Mailchimp.

Signing up
Creating a email list
Adjusting the confirmation and welcome pages and emails
Adjusting and styling the sign up form
Using all kinds of sign up forms
Using WordPress plugins for Mailchimp
Creating a template
Creating a campaign
Connecting your blog to your email list
Check your reports
Link Google Analytics to your account

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25 Replies to “How To Use Mailchimp | Full Tutorial”

  1. Finally an amazing full tutorial with mailchimp that includes confirmation pages etc. Thank you!!

  2. I am offering a new on line program because it is a pilot I am offing it for an investment of only$ 97. 00 . I have a on line store . I have been told that after the someone opts in I need an AVI number. To link it to my store. Or I can put the URL to my Store After they Subscribe to my List . Then send a confirmation . Do you have a video on AVIs?
    Ps I found your above video informative.

  3. This is literally the most useful video i’ve seen about this matter. If you wouldn’t have uploaded this i would have never been able to set up my mailing list with such easy.
    A really really heartfelt thank you 🙂

  4. Another great tutorial. Ferdy is my favorite when it comes to learning anything related to website building. Genuine, to-the-point, and thorough. Highly recommended.

  5. Me sale esto:

    Copyright © * | CURRENT_YEAR | * * | LISTA: EMPRESA | *, Todos los derechos reservados.

    Nuestra Dirección de correo es:
    * | HTML: LIST_ADDRESS_HTML | * * | END: SI | *

    ¿Quieres la manera de recibir estos correos electrónicos?
    Puede del Actualizar sus preferencias o Darse de baja en esta lista

    * | SI: Recompensas | * * | HTML: Recompensas | * * | END: SI | *

    Como puedo hacer para que salga el nombre de mi empresa?

  6. After you created your ‘General Form’ how do you copy and paste the code to place this on your web site?

    I am not using Wodpress. Thanks!

  7. As always, I love your videos! So informative, and I am so grateful for the step-by-step format. However, the Optin Forms plugin is no longer working correctly. What other plugin do you recommend for WordPress instead?

  8. Hello Ferdy is it possible to use optin-forms in a multilingual site ? Thanks for your infos. I integrated this in every page language [optinform]. But I can’t find the solution. Pascal.

  9. Hello Ferdi. Great video, so I’m able to build a landing page and sales page within Mailchimp and upload to my my website?

  10. how to link my mailchimp signup form to “continue back to my website” instead of it going to facebook?

  11. hi buddy , listen this is like 1 hour thing. any chance you can post me here how to edit
    my mailchimp robot page. i mean after a client sign up he need to be verified and the translation seems to be a bit funny and not professional . so i wonder where can i get the access to this future on mailchimp. thanks

  12. Ferdy, I think you have an small error in your video at 28:27 – Shouldn’t the user add “https” not “http” ? Great video otherwise, thank you.

  13. Hello My company that I am with is currently using constant contact. We have about 1500 subscribers/ clients and we send out email blasts about events that have coming up for my company and sometimes a good amount of subscribers that are in different groups but will get the same email blast 2 or 3 times over. Does Mail Chimp have a feature that filters out a subscriber from getting the same email over and over again.

  14. I am new to Chimp and I was confused. But after looking your Video, I am bit confident now using mail chimp. Great video. Thank you a lot.

  15. Very informative and easy to follow. I was worried about setting up Mail Chimp since I know almost nothing about building a webpage but you made it easy! Thanks!

  16. Excellent….itry it today first time and now use many times for e-mail markeeting.

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