How To Use BuddyPress In WordPress – Installation & Setup Tutorial

How To Use BuddyPress In WordPress – Installation & Setup Tutorial

Learn how to setup BuddyPress in this step-by-step video tutorial. One of the most powerful plugins for WordPress, which quickly transforms your website into a social network.

Where people are able to easily connect with each other and build relationships. Here’s what you’re about to discover:

1 – How To Choose The Best BuddyPress Theme?

You have thousands upon thousands of different themes for WordPress. But only a few work well with BuddyPress. For this reason, it’s important for you to choose an appropriate one. Just follow the next steps:

Step 1 – Appearance/ Themes and add new in WordPress dashboard
Step 2 – Write buddypress in the search box
Step 3 – Experiment several themes until you find the right one for you!

2 – How To Install BuddyPress?

The installation of BuddyPress is rather simple! Just head over to the plugin section and add a new one. Now search for, “BuddyPress” and install and activate it in your website.

3 – Setting Up BuddyPress?

Step 1 – You want to first create the following pages: Activity Streams, Members, Register, Activity

Step 2 – Check the features you want for your social network in “components”.

Step 3 – Settings/ BuddyPress in WordPress dashboard. Select the right pages for each field inside of pages.

Step 4 – Choose the options you desire in “options”.

Step 5 – Afterward, you must create a new menu where you’ll integrated all the BuddyPress pages. Just go to appearance/ menu and create a new one. Drag and drop all the required pages into it.

If you’d like more information please watch the full BuddyPress video Tutorial! Thanks for watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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  1. Hey great video! I have added a new user for testing, however when I try to log in as the fake user, wordpress keeps asking me for the log in and password. I have even tried other browsers. Any idea? Thank you very much and def subbed.

  2. Jordon, Your video is really I am doing the same you mentioned in video. but I do not have any friends and profile like your videos shows for profile page and frnds, contact. I have created the pages but they are blank

  3. Great video,only problem is members are being brought to word press log in,that can not be right,no one can log in

  4. hi I followed you step by step but on most of the menu links keeps coming up as 404

  5. How to create BuddyPress website with Instagram functionality? Can you advise me? Thanks in advance.

  6. how to change buddypress default pages style? I can’t find any option to customise using page builder

  7. hi that thinks is very good but i dont want a new member username in dashboard panel i want to simply user profile by serch name with an occupation like some user is CA and some user is a different occupation … how to manage this thinks….please

  8. If i wanted to make 2 kinds of members? like a page for Players and a page for Team staff? can i do that

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