How To Translate WordPress Website Tutorial For Free – Step By Step

How To Translate WordPress Website Tutorial For Free – Step By Step

This video works for all wordpress themes including the Sydney theme AND Flatsome theme. Install this plugin and watch this video to learn how to translate your wordpress website.

Text tutorial:

Learn how to translate your wordpress website if you have a wordpress theme. All for FREE!

The plugin we use is the polylang plugin which is free and just as versatile and easy to use as the WPML plugin for translating your wordpress website.


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  1. Can you please please help me! I bought hostgater to make the website and I buiIt the website by the video that you have published as the name Online Store. I have changed woo commerce website language from english to turkish, after all I was able to do the bar menu correctly however I cannot fix the categories. When I go to Shop there is two category normally but when I click on them they opens with the new laguage link and for that reason it cannot Show the page… Can you please tell me how I can fix this problem..

  2. How to translate website with polylang when I have registration/login system and woocommerce?

  3. Hi, NYC Tech !

    When I click to the call-to-action button (English being my Website second language), I’m still directed to the french version.

    Can you please tell me how to redirect this call-to-action button in the right place ?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Thank youuuuuuu!!! As soon as my website is up and going, you’ll get a link to see how it looks! Thanks once again!

  5. Thank you for your helpful turorial. It seems that I cannot make default language other than english. Or can I?

  6. Hi and thank you a lot for your tutorials.
    I used this plugin for my website but I am getting an error each time that I go to my home page:
    “OOPS Nothing was found
    Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help”
    I tried to duplicate the homepage page and I saw the page correctly.
    But when I am putting it as a static home page I am getting the same error.

    I will appreciate if anyone can help with this issue.

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