How To Start A Podcast (Equipment, Hosting On WordPress Tutorial, Getting On ITunes)

How To Start A Podcast (Equipment, Hosting On WordPress Tutorial, Getting On ITunes)

Hey guys! Some of you asked for advice on starting a podcast, so today I’m sharing info on the entire process of producing, recording, editing, hosting your podcast on WordPress, and getting your podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, etc. Hope this helps!

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// Q&A: Content Creator Series
▸ Advice on Starting a YouTube Channel & Blog |
▸ My Camera Setup for YouTube |

// + Blubrry Plugin
▸ I forgot to mention a key point: I use (not .COM) which is how I can add plugins like Blubrry. I pay for web hosting through Bluehost, and the is a free installation from there. Sorry for the miscommunication! I know some people using were confused.
▸ Bluehost Web Hosting |

▸ Rode NT1 Mic |
▸ Scarlett Solo Interface |
▸ Blue Snowball Mic |
▸ Blue Yeti Mic |
▸ Audio-Technica AT2020 |
▸ Zoom H1 Portable Recorder |
▸ Zoom H4N Portable Recorder |
▸ Google Hangouts
▸ Skype
▸ Zencastr |
▸ headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO |

Further recommendations
▸ Rode Podcaster Mic |

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// M U S I C

// G E A R
▸ editing | Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
▸ camera + lens | Canon 80D with 18-135mm –
▸ lens | Sigma 30mm f/1.4 –
▸ mic | Rode Videomic Shotgun –
▸ lighting |


// A B O U T

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  1. FYI for all my bloggers who use WordPress – I personally use & highly recommend using StudioPress to make life so much easier. It’s an add-on to WordPress that handles site security, advanced SEO, and optimized performance, basically streamlines all the back-end tech stuff so you don’t have to deal with it! More info here:

  2. is it possible to use phone for a microphone for podcast and later edit it over the computer???

  3. Awesome!! Thanks a lot to share information like that. It’s a many important to me . Very soon my PodCast going to be on air. Stay tuned .. 😀

  4. Thanks Eileen! I love how nice and calm, positive and helpful you are. My best friend and I want to start a Podcast and I love your methodology. Thanks for sharing all your experties!!!

  5. Thanks for this!! I’ve been wanting to setup a podcast for the longest time and it always seemed so complicated. You broke it down in easy steps. Now I’m podcasting!

  6. This is an excellent “how-to” on starting a podcast. Thank you for taking the time do produce this video for us noobies.

  7. Aileen, this is a really dope video! I do have a question for you… How are you able to use the music from Soundcloud in your videos without running into the copyright issue? I’ve always wondered out how to find royalty free music to make my own videos.

  8. Hi There,
    Please contact me , I need you to make some videos for me. Skincare/ cosmetics etc.

  9. Remember also that most cars are very well sound proofed. The acoustics are pretty good and you can drive it to a quite place.

  10. Hi there! This is helping me a lot! thank you!, quick question. Can a podcast be a video? can use the same pluging and would it work for itunes?

  11. Hey. Thank you for sharing this amazing information. So helpful. Is it possible to display the podcast to two wordpress websites?

  12. Thank you so much, your Video helped me to get my podcast to iTunes! Thank you!

  13. Why don’t people put the same podcast on both ITunes and YouTube? It guarantees you a wider audience.

  14. I love the lighting and look of this video- what camera are you using? It just looks so soft and pretty, well done!

  15. Hey @lavendaire very pleased to meet you. My name is noel and I love your channel. Its provided a lot of value to me and for that I give you my most sincere gratitude. I just got serious literally: today in posting, networking and youtube so lets keep in touch 🙂 I know that well definitely be able to help each other. Any way I may be able to listen to some of your music? I’m trying to find like minded people who like positivity and like making positive change.

  16. Great Content! And very helpful. This was a huge contribution to putting together the podcast. I have a question once I uploaded a 2nd episode, does it take a couple of days to upload to iTunes as well? If not I am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!

  17. Need a podcast producer? Kindly contact mastercraft360 : I will edit and master your podcast for $5 on He is a good editor, good customer service, free revision, excellent job delivery. He can also guide you towards starting up a podcast. You’d be amazed at his skills. Thanks

  18. I wanted to say thank you for all your videos, making things so user friendly and warm. When you showed the walk in closet, I thought, “Wow! I used to record hip hop tapes that way back in ’86. Man, that made me laugh. Lavendaire’s got that street edge!” Thank you again for your videos. You are my hero!

  19. I’m planning to start a podcast, would you recommed an iRig mic HD as a starting mic?

  20. Should we have live audio back? So we can hear what we’re saying while we’re talking? or no?

  21. HI! A question first episode in on the wordpress and submitted to iTunes waiting for the approval…, in the future how do I upload new episodes to iTunes, through WordPress, iTunes recognizes my updates done in the Post? Many, many thx!

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