How To Setup Login Access To Pages In WordPress Divi

How To Setup Login Access To Pages In WordPress Divi

This video captures the steps I use to create login access for various users in WordPress, granting them access to specific content. It is primarily these (3) plugins:
WordPress Access Control
User Role Editor
Peter’s Login Redirect

Links to plugins can be found here:


10 Replies to “How To Setup Login Access To Pages In WordPress Divi”

  1. Hi, I did not configure the user option now am locked out of my admin dashboard. How can I get back in

  2. I currently have 3,000 clients and counting, and want to add the Log In/Log Out feature and redirect them to their own personal page. I want them to be able to upload files or perhaps I can just make sure each page corresponds to their information. What’s the best way to go about this? I cant see myself creating thousands of pages and redirecting them individually.

  3. Please any registration page for Divi and when users give wrong data on login page to redirect in same page not in WordPress login page

  4. Thanks for the vid! This plugin is the only one that really worked with my WooCommerce’s Storefront theme. Plus, the fact that it automatically removes the page from the menu is great.

  5. i would have preferred if I heard a voice. cant follow along like this….sorry

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