How To Setup Cloudflare Free SSL On A WordPress Website

How To Setup Cloudflare Free SSL On A WordPress Website

This is a step by step tutorial on how to activate the free flexible ssl certificate from Cloudflare to secure your wordpress website so it displays

Here is a document with the instructions if needs:

I also have written out the steps to follow on this blog post:

What You Will Need:

Make sure have Cloudflare account & using Cloudflare nameservers for a domain


1. Step 1 – Open your Cloudflare account
2. Step 2 – Make sure flexible SSL certificate enabled under “Crypto” tab
3. Step 3 – Open your WordPress dashboard
4. Step 4 – Install and activate 2 plugins:
– Cloudflare – Add Cloudflare email and “global” api code and then click on setting in plugin
– Really Simple SSL – Click to turn on
5. Step 5 – Go back & open Cloudflare account
6. Step 6 – Go to “Page Rules” tab
7. Step 7 – Add page rule: Choose “Always use HTTPS”
8. Step 8 – Check that your wordpress website is secure now & displays the green security lock symbol to be done.

My recommended hosting company is Siteground which you can get here:


26 Replies to “How To Setup Cloudflare Free SSL On A WordPress Website”

  1. Everything as you show its working fine just one question for you I see its valid for 6 month after 6 month or before how I can renew it? It will change any extra?

  2. Very simple and useful, i installed tons of plugins for content, because of problems with https. Solved all 🙂

  3. I followed the steps and am now locked out. I get a site not secure message and am unable to log back in. Is there a tutorial on this?

  4. Hi !
    Thanks for the video
    Certificate is working on my 1 site
    But not working on another site why ?
    Is this problem related to php version ?
    Certificate installed on 1st site when i was using php v 5.6
    On 2nd site after upgrading it to php v7.1

  5. well you should have said it way before that activete the simple ssl plugin. because now i cant access my site anymore,

  6. First of all I want to thank you for your tutorial! Except for 1 page every page is fully secured now by SSL, and that only page is my homepage.. It says https, but it is not ‘fully’ secured. It stays grey. How can I turn my home page to a full secured page by SSL? Thank you in advance,


  7. Hello, Thanks for the video. I have created a Digital Ocean server and then added to ServerPilot I have created my CloudFlare account but WordPress doesn’t let me change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Adress. It appears grayed noneditable. So the REally Simple SSL plug in is not able to change the address either. Any solutions?

  8. Sir
    I am not able to login in wordpress dashboard after follwing these steps , can you please suggest what can I do now to login

  9. pls help i implement al these method which are shown in this video, my site goes secure but under my wp area its still showing unsecure connection and whenever i have trying to open up my site on eocgnito window , my site gets blocked each tiem i try .. pls sove this problem as soon as possible

  10. Just used this video to switch my site to HTTPS. Worked as a charm! Can’t thank you enough 🙂

  11. Thanks dude. Most tutorials I don’t need to follow, but this one was a bit more technical. Now my WP site loads without any endless loops anymore.

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