How To Set Up A Members-Only Area On WordPress Websites

How To Set Up A Members-Only Area On WordPress Websites

This video tutorial will showcase how to add set up a Members-Only Area on WordPress websites using WordPress Access Control plugin. Check out this plugin info:

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30 Replies to “How To Set Up A Members-Only Area On WordPress Websites”

  1. What if you dont want them to log in through wordpress and you want them to log in through your site name? So this way they will have to subscribe to your mailing list…

  2. What?  Is there anyone who can explain this stuff to us regular dumb asses.

  3. I’m lost also I do I set up a registration page for people to register

  4. How do you create different user levels other than the ones pre-set on your blog already?? This plug-in wouldn’t work for sectioning content if everyone can subscribe to it and I don’t want to make my contributors into members.

  5. Terrible tutorial. Sorry but you covered all the obvious stuff and ignored the most critical part. How do you set up log ins for subscribers?????? The rest of it is utterly useless without this most critical part. I didn’t even notice anything in the defaults you showed for setting up log ins. Utterly useless waste of time. If you check your comments the vast majority mention this glaring omission. I guess I’ll have to find a tutorial that actual covers the subject of the tutorial like actually setting up subscriber log ins!

  6. useless plugin: One will need a visible link to all (public) and that link has to be access controlled, user must show the right credential. If he is subscriber he should be able to see his page. Else redirected to home page.
    That basic thing it does not do and author is wasting others time like CARY HOWE is saying.

  7. But I don’t want them to access the fundaments of the website, just a page. How do I create that?

  8. How do I create a password and sends it to the people who bought the course?

  9. Hi how do you set up payments using this plugin. It works better than paid membership pro but does it have an option to charge for membership and levels of membership

  10. Hi, Great video. What type of video format can I use to prevent people from down loading my video?

  11. Can you recommend a wordpress theme that can be used in cell phone as well as in laptops or tablets and also work with membership plug in Restrict Content Pro?

  12. Great tutorial. Could you explain how to add a login for members to a one page website?…thanks

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