How To Properly Setup Google AMP On Your WordPress Site

How To Properly Setup Google AMP On Your WordPress Site

Are you wanting to set up Google AMP for your WordPress website? AMP will make your website load faster on mobile devices. In this video, we will show you how to set up Google AMP in WordPress.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Google AMP is designed for improving the mobile experience for your site by showing a stripped down version of your site. There are pros and cons for setting this up for your site but it would depend on personal preference for if you should add it.

For installing the AMP plugin go under Plugins, Add New and find the AMP plugin.

Under Appearance, AMP you will be able to customize the look of your site for when users view it on mobile.

There are multiple customization options including colors and logos for the new reduced page of your site for mobile.

Once you have it designed how you would like, ensure you save your changes.

Should you want to preview the AMP page from your computer you would go to the post and add /amp to the end of the url.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin you are able to customize the design, colors, and other options for your AMP pages.


23 Replies to “How To Properly Setup Google AMP On Your WordPress Site”

  1. my blog asynchronous ads are not show… please provide a appropriate solution for this problem

  2. AMP in my view gives too simplistic a page for mobile web. Once the AMP page has been served up can you give the option to view a content rich version with all javascript / html / css?

  3. Hmm, I didnt like the cons. I have a statistic plugin in wordpress and I am afraid some functions dont work because of the limited technology. Is it really worth installing?

  4. how to clear cache of a wordpress website on user’s computer as i made some changes in the css file of my wordpress website but the changes are not reflected on the user end.
    I am not using as cache plugin that save website cache on user’s computer…

  5. Very interesting video … may have to give it a try and see how much it speeds it up …thanks

  6. Make sure you tell people that they will get tons of errors and if you’re not a Geek there is no easy fix.

  7. MY YEO SEO is getting deactivated on its own. when i turn on my laptop. i find it deactivated twice in past 2 days. whats the reason?

  8. Is there any video in detail so i can understand more this AMP on already working websites. I felt people are creating videos for AMP for Demo website nobody is showing implementing on actual working website which have proper url structure and data. Kindly help me out for this. I love the video anyway. The details and things are clear to me. Thanks for sharing. Here is my email id could you please help me out to learn more about this. I’m new with wordpress i also would like to learn from your video and you. Thanks in advance.

  9. If you have already have a responsive site, will it replace your mobile view with the AMP version?

  10. Hi. Once activated, does it make all pages amp-like or only pages that i select?

  11. Thanks for the great video! So once it’s enabled, does all future mobile traffic to the website get directed to the AMP ver?

  12. WPBeginner, thank you for this very articulate article. I love that you covered both pros and cons. Overall I cannot imagine google producing a modern method that would preclude tons of advantages for businesses focused on quality mobile response to their products and services. I’m going to install AMP on a separate wordpress website that is stripped down and uses a generic theme, to test out how it impacts the mobile seo and conversions.

  13. thank you for your video! what i did not understand why we losing traffic on mobile.

  14. This video uses an older version of Glue for Yoast and AMP, which supported pages and posts The current version does not support pages. (07-2017) If your WordPress Site uses pages, then this method will not work.

  15. is it necessary to install both AMP by automatic and AMP by yoast .
    Or anyone will do??

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