How To Make And Create A WordPress Website From Scratch 2017

How To Make And Create A WordPress Website From Scratch 2017

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This step by step tutorial will show you how to make, build and create a WordPress website or a landing page from scratch using the Elementor page builder. This is by far the easiest and the quickest method available. Everyone can build a wordpress site even without technical knowledge.

I put a lot of time and effort thinking what and which design and features to include in this make a wordpress website tutorial.

I took examples from many successful companies to bring you the best design possible.

During this hour and forty minutes you will learn the principles, the cores and the steps to create a beautiful and converting wordpress website and landing page as well.

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This tutorial will fit anyone who is looking to build an amazing wordpress website without spending a lot of money to a web developer. With only small investment you will be able to create a stunning wordpress website for your business, your product, your service or a blog from scratch.

In just a short time you will learn everything that you’ll need to know about wordpress and websites. Just follow this tutorial and you’ll be good to go.

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Website walk-through 3:40
Domain and hosting 8:08
Register a domain with Hostgator 8:45
Enter Hostgator coupon “WP1PENNY” 12:00
Check your email address 14:25
Login to Hostgator 14:55
Install WordPress 15:35
Login to WordPress 16:40

Install a new theme 19:00
Install plugins 21:10

Step 4: Create a child theme 24:15
Steps 5 + 6: Create pages and blog posts 25:34
Step 7: Permalinks settings 32:45
Start designing the website 34:40
Step 8: Site title/tagline/logo 35:10
Create a website logo and favicon 35:30
Step 9: Header area 38:10
Step 10: Blog options 41:30
Step 11: Footer options 42:30
Step 12: Colors 42:37
Step 13: Menu 43:35
Step 14: Custom CSS 45:05
Get the custom CSS code from the written manual here

Step 15: Building the wordpress website 46:05
Step 16: About us section 46:22
Step 17: Image gallery 56:20
Step 18: Testimonials section 1:03:38
Step 19: Bullet points section 1:15:25
Step 20: Footer 1:22:30
Step 21: About us page 1:26:45
Step 22: Contact us page 1:35:55
Step 23: Blog page 1:41:35