How To Make A WordPress Website And Blog – 2015 – Step By Step

How To Make A WordPress Website And Blog – 2015 – Step By Step

By popular demand, we will show you how to create your own website using WordPress. This website is a simply amazing and easy to setup, even for beginners. Just follow along with what we teach.

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Table of Contents:



0:00:47 – Live Demos – Desktop and Mobile!
0:02:56 – Overview / Famous WordPress Users
0:05:48 – Your Own .com and Hosting –
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0:14:51 – Install and Log In to WordPress!
0:20:58 – Install and Activate the Website Design:
0:23:55 – Change Password / Other basic settings


0:23:03 – Adding a Logo
(Get a custom logo designed for a few dollars:
0:32:59 – Add Your Image Slider
0:39:12 – Setup and Customize your Homepage
1:27:17 – Update Home Panel Links


0:57:52 – Add Unlimited Number of Pages
1:03:33 – DropDown Menu Customization (and changing the Hover Color)
1:12:35 – Content Editor Basics
1:17:24 – Full Width/Sidebar/Custom Page Templates
1:31:49 – Setup a Contact Form!
1:37:28 – Setup your Google Map!
1:41:27 – Setup an Amazing Image Gallery!
1:45:52 – Add Social Media Icons
1:50:26 – Add a Blog to your Site (optional)
1:55:52 – Congratulations. Keep in touch!

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13 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website And Blog – 2015 – Step By Step”

  1. oh peep one thing to note when using your google maps 1:38 to make sure your not signed into your google account . because when you imbed the map into your page your account icon will be also imbedded . and allows person viewing the map to log into your google account right from there .

  2. Greatest video, Sir please im currently creating a website before i found this video ..i want to use your tutorials to modify my website without changing my current Layout ,logo and menu bar .can this be possible ?

  3. Followed your video right through to the end and thank you it has been very helpful. The only problem I seem to have is that images in the gallery do not open up into a lightbox. There are no handles or minimise icon in the top right hand corner as you have demonstrated.

  4. that’s awesome. Can i change the overall theme colour? additionally, if we use any other theme, would it have the same procedure?

  5. While setting up the slider, I drop down to ‘new slider’ and save. When I return to the page, it again shows ‘demo slider’ as the selection. Please help me out as I’m stuck half way.

  6. Hi, what do you think of the Hitchcock Theme? I read about it in some posts before. Appreciate any recomendation from you.

  7. Great video, thanks! Finally I found helpfull content 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for responsive and fast Themes?

  8. Help lm stuck on the custom home page after l clicked on and save settings l tried to add rows but the insert button is not working l cant insert the row , what did l do wrong

  9. So i am folloing the video and I am at 43 minutes in and cant seem to add new rows … i have the option to pic as many rows as i want sizes ext … but when i click insert nothing happends … can you help me plz !

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