How To Make A WordPress Website 2017

How To Make A WordPress Website 2017

Create your inspiring website for 2017! You are going to love this amazing site and what it will transform for your business…

*****SERVICES SECTION***** – After you add your new services in the right column under CATEGORIES be sure to check off categories Type A & Type B so your new categories will display on the home page.


9 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Website 2017”

  1. So Awesome – Thank you so much. Among the Top-5 YouTube Tutorials of all times!

  2. Hi .. I need to create a bigger space between the end of my logo and the start of the menu options, “home” … how do I do this ?

  3. Hi James. Thanks for a super useful video. One question – is there a way to change it so that you only have one slide on the header slider? The theme seems to require you to have two pictures/slides and if you set them both to the same picture it looks like the page is ‘refreshing’

  4. when adding my projects, i do not see discussion or comments section like you have on your site. Am i missing something?

  5. If i change my theme entirely, will it erase everything i previously have done? Could i have two themes saved at the same time?

  6. hi.. thank you so much for a wonderful tutorial.. really amazing…
    and is there any option regarding changing fonts like times new roman or century gothic

  7. I found this tutorial very informative…… I am almost set up, though I feel I made a mistake. Our Services in the menu bar – when I click on it, it doesnt go anywhere…. it doesnt link to the sydney services widget…. what can I do??

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