How To Make A WordPress Website – 2017 – UPDATED!!

How To Make A WordPress Website – 2017 – UPDATED!!

Learn how to make a wordpress website – step by step!
Demo wordpress website:
Text tutorial:

If you like this free version (which we use in this tutorial), you might love the premium Sydney theme:
(you do not need to buy this but might want to for the additional functionality it offers)


This is the new and improved How to Make a WordPress website tutorial video made specifically for 2017.

10:48 – Step #1 Get Domain and Hosting for Worpdress website

15:38 – Step #2 Go to email inbox

16:02 – Step #3 Log into Cpanel

16:51 – Step #4 Install WordPress for website

19:01 – Step #5 Log into WordPress website

20:31 – Step #6 Install WordPress Website theme (sydney)

21:43 – Step #7 Install Child WordPress theme

23:55 – Step #8 Install required plugins to make WordPress website

25:53 – Step #9 Install Other WordPress plugins

33:42 – Step #10 Download zip file with demo images

34:48 – Step #11 Upload WordPress demo files

36:34 – Step #12 Create WordPress Homepage and Blog page

40:29 – Step #13 Edit and make WordPress website Slider

47:13 – Step #14 Select theme options

53:55 – Step #15 Create logo and favicon for wordpress website

59:04 – Step #16 Modify permalinks

1:01:05 – Step #17 Customize and make wordpress homepage

1:01:17 – Step #18 Create About Section

1:10:25 – Step #19 Create Call to Action

1:20:28 – Step #20 Create Blog Section

1:22:43 – Step #21 Create Call to Action (again)

1:26:21 – Step #22 Create Social Media Buttons

1:31:26 – Step #23 Create About Page

1:48:17 – Step #24-A Create Employee Profiles

1:52:16 – Step #24-B Create Employee Page

2:01:12 – Step #25 Make Image Gallery

2:08:34 – Step #26 Build Contact Us Page

2:19:12 – Step #27 Create Testimonials Page

2:37:50 – Step #28 Create Blog Posts

2:42:57 – Step #29 Select Comment Options

2:43:55 – Step #30 Customize Widgets

2:48:34 – Step #31 Create header menu

2:50:57 – Step #32 Customize Copyright footer

2:52:14 – Step #33 Translate wordpress website

3:00:20 – Step #34 Publish worpdress website


You’re awesome!!

This tutorial will teach you how to make a wordpress website for free and is super easy. You will learn how to use wordpress and make a wordpress website from scratch. Learning how to make a wordpress website has never been easier!

This video tutorial up to date with the latest wordpress has to offer as of 2016 and I think you will learn how to build something really special and learn how to customize and make an amazing wordpress website. I hope you enjoy!

tl;dr Learn how to make a wordpress website for free 2016. This is a step by step video on making a wordpress website. I walk you through everything from beginning to end with no steps skipped 🙂


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  1. thanks for the great tutorial! I’ve made two websites now using your videos. A colleague is asking me to make one for them, obviously I’m a novice what do you think would be a fair price ?

  2. Hello Jameson, Is there a way to make the logo larger? Also, can there be 3 rows instead of 1 for the menu?

    Much Appreciated =)

  3. Awesome Tutorial brotha! So easy to understand and follow. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. God bless!

  4. Very nice and detailed tutorial. I build my own website with this video, but there is a proplem. I Tranlate the website like you own it in the video. But my first “Home”page doesn’t tranlate when i coose the different laguage. But is the mistake? Thanks a lot!!

  5. hi
    thanks for update , can you please make video how to create landing page on WordPress

  6. Hello, I have a question about the Sydney theme. I followed your video on how to build a website and it helped me a lot, thank you. I would like to know if I can add a services page to describe more of what I do. Is this possible with this theme?

  7. Hello, Everytime I try to upload the Zip file “Sydney Child” I get the following message “Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.”

  8. On my “services icon” that i get from the “font awesome” worksheet. I copy and paste the code and follow all of the instructions but when I refresh my site I just have the rings with nothing in the middle. Any suggestions??

  9. Thanks for this. How do I get rid of the @nyc tech club thing at the bottom of the homepage?

  10. Hello Jamerson, when I create the layout builder and add a row with your color the FIND ABOUT WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT IS NOT SHOWING RED or Your mentioned color

  11. Entpacken des Pakets …
    Das Theme wird installiert …
    Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das Stylesheet style.css.
    Die Themeinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.
    says this is missing on step 7 : Stylesheet style.css.

  12. hi NYC TECH CLUBCan you make a video on how to create a social network community? some like kleo for example

  13. great video and thank you for the tor help. How do I remove @ NYC TECH CLUB at the bottom of my website?

  14. So I have a FULLY fledge completed website now but one thing I am missing is the terms and conditions section. Any tips on how to create one using this Sydney theme please?

  15. Hello that is grate job, but plz if you need to show image in the top of page under the menu how can do it?

  16. Hi, I was going through your instruction on how to install WP, enrol on hostgator with your token tried install WP for free it would not allow me to install WP the install button is grade out no option given. as per you instruction there is no software and services on my control panel . My control panel only has software loaded quick install but can’t load WP please advise. By the way I am trying this from UK is the UK template on hostgator differs from State?

  17. Hi great video!! So I was using the Sydney Theme for about 2 weeks, I upgraded something, I think the toolbar, everything disappeared, so I went back to the previous version, and everything came back, however my home page images aren’t responsive, they get smaller when you go to a table or mobile. So I was hoping the child theme would fix it, however it won’t install. Now my plan is to uninstall Sydney, and reinstall, both child theme and Sydney, but I’m afraid everything will get screwed up? Please help. I’m also thinking of using another theme, if I can’t figure out how to get this theme to be responsive to mobil and tablet?

  18. Hi , I have a question ,I found theme in WordPress called Simple Shop what,I think would be great for my product ,Is this theme good to start e commerce don’t using pro version .And I tried to take of copyright made by woocomerce but I cannot even in editor .Please help!

  19. Thank you so much for the tutorial. This is so professional and people should be paying a loads of money for services like this. I have almost completed my website all am struggling with is that I don’t have the editor icon on my appearance to edit my footer copyright any help with this please. Thanks a bunch once again.

  20. Does the home page photo,have to be a certain size, because mine is not responsive at all! Both images get resized to a smaller photo, making it disappear, need some help, please!

  21. I am having a problem getting the Contact 7 Form to work properly. I input the CSS code and everything seems to check out with the tutorial, but when I send a test message using the fill in contact boxes it doesn’t work. The green box pops up saying “your email was sent” but it never arrives. Researching on-line seems like maybe it’s the plugin? How can I fix this?

  22. best video ever!!!! please nyc i sent you an email i want to really get this list building stuff

  23. Are there any extra files to download such as pictures, etc. for the website. If there are, where can I find them?

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