Learn how to make a wordpress website 2017 for FREE in this complete wordpress tutorial. Demo site at
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Text tutorial:

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This is a FREE tutorial and the theme we use is a premium wordpress theme I am giving away for FREE so you don’t have to pay for it unless you want additional support or themify plugins.


This is the newest video I have created and perhaps my favorite on how to make a wordpress website – 2017! using the themify theme and creating a parallax website.

5:42 Step #1: Get Hosting and Register Domain

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11:27 Step #2: Go to Email Inbox

11:42 Step #3: Login to Cpanel

12:20 Step #4: Install WordPress

14:08 Step #5: Login to WordPress Website (Parallax)

15:51 Step #6: Install WordPress Website Theme
Use Themify for FREE by following this video

21:35 Step #7: Add WordPress Parallax Plugins

28:16 Step #8: Change Website Permalinks

31:42 Step #9: Download Demo Content File

32:48 Step #10: Upload Media Files

34:17 Step #11: How to Create WordPress Homepage (Parallax)

39:50 Step #12: How to Set WordPress Homepage

43:27 Step #13: Customize Themify Settings

56:57 Step #14: Delete Sample WordPress Pages

58:11 Step #15: Set Themify Settings

1:16:07 Step #16: Upload Custom Logo

1:22:05 Step #17: How to Make WordPress Parallax Slider

1:40:38 Step #18: Build and Make WordPress Website About Section

1:50:29 Step #19: Learn How to Create WordPress Services Section

2:09:59 Step #20: Create WordPress Description Section

2:16:31 Step #21: How to Make WordPress Website Parallax Image Gallery

2:29:26 Step #22: Create Blog Posts for Parallax WordPress Website

2:39:05 Step #23: Modify Parallax WordPress Sidebar

2:44:00 Step #24: Make Blog Post Section

2:49:24 Step #25: Create and Make Contact Section on Parallax WordPress Website

2:56:28 Step #26: Add a Map on Website Homepage

3:00:23 Step #27: Set Row Anchors

3:00:35: Step #28: Make Main Navigation Menu

3:05:33 Step #29: Create WordPress About Page

3:23:43 Step #30: Build Parallax Blog Page

3:27:24 Step #31: Build Website Portfolio Page

3:34:26 Step #32: Create Contact Page

3:43:24 Step #33: Create Other Menu Pages for Parallax WordPress Website

3:47:29 Step #34: Link Everything Together

If you’ve made it this far – please:


This video will not only teach you how to make a wordpress website for free but will teach you how to use wordpress to build a wordpress website. We do everything together from beginning to end with no steps skipped. I truly believe this channel has the best videos on how to make a wordpress website for free 2017. And not only is it a wordpress website we’re building and creating, but I am going to show you how to make and create a parallax wordpress website – 2017!

The video on how to make a wordpress website is up to date and created in 2017. Each year we create several videos on how to make a wordpress website that are better than the year before. So if you want to learn how to create a wordpress website or you want to learn how to use wordpress, then watch this video!

tl;dr: Learn how to create a website in WordPress! This video shows you how to make a parallax wordpress website and was made recorded in May 2017. You will learn how to make your wordpress website from start to finish and you do not need to know how to code or program. The theme is the Themify theme which is a drag and drop website builder. By the end of the video you will have a parallax wordpress website that you made on your own.

Learn, create, make and build something beautiful. There’s nothing better than learning how to make your own parallax wordpress website 🙂 Let’s make 2017 the best year ever.

Enjoy!! Please LIKE, SHARE, Subscribe and leave a comment!



  1. Where in your video do you talk about SEO settings, image tagging, headers, title pages etc?

  2. Just finished my website. Just remaining afew tune ups here and there like adding more pages. Wow! This is awesome. Thanks NYC Tech Club

  3. Hi, very good tutorial, just what I needed. Thank you very much for sharing. It is a great help. You’ve got the Thumbs up! 😉
    I have a few questions if you don’t mind.
    1) Some of the widgets you asked us to download require update. When I click on them it asks for Themify login details. Do I have to pay premium to update those widgets? If so and I don’t want to does it mean that I won’t be able to use this theme any longer as without the updates I won’t be able to get what it provides in the first place?
    2) Also I’m straggling with Step 19. My screen does not look like yours although I do the same steps. For example when I add a picture to the box style it doesn’t show the whole picture, or my text widget covers the whole box not like yours hence nothing works out the same. Is there any way around it? I tried with 2 different OS and 3 different browsers and all the same.

  4. Hi James, you are the bomb, I just designed a website “”
    following your tutorial. looks so nice like yours. the only issue is
    when viewed with phone or tab, the footer content don’t display unless
    you scroll horizontally. please how can i fix this. And yes i have given
    your video a thumbs up. 🙂

  5. Hi James, thumbs up. Can you come up with a video tutorial for online marketplace website?

  6. Hey bro, awesome stuff. One issue, I added my homepage parallax photo and it seems so tall but its pretty close to the same size as the photo you have, and now my about me section is tall too, like big spaces between my welcome and my about me area:(

  7. Dear James when i push the publish button i only see the the title of the post and author name and no other content is shown nor the sidebar nor the text i added

  8. Also, when I click “paragraph” in the text widget, it doesn’t drop down the box

  9. Is there any way to create a separate blog page to host travel blog posts? I don’t want my two different blogs on one page?

  10. Hi James, I am attempting to use the Themify Ultra I have one question for now, I tried updating the theme and a user name and password is required. Is there an alternate way to update the theme. I downloaded your zip file and the version I have is 1.6.5. Thank you again for the awesome tutorials. Nasheena

  11. Hey James, thanks so much for this video! It’s amazing and I’ve managed to follow along and create my website. However, for the second page of the webesite I really don’t want the sidebar to be there as I just want it to be about my services. Please can you tell me how to get rid of it on this theme? I’ve tried to look online but I just don’t understand lol. I want it so that the sidebar isn’t there for the rest of my pages. Thanks so much again for the time you’ve put into this! Much appreciated 🙂

  12. Awesome video,but I still can’t row anchor my about page.if I click on explore it still doesn’t move what I’m I doing wrong

  13. Sup James. I am just following through this video now… and I am on break. So I want to tell you why am making this Parallax website. Truly, a client requested for a business website and using your step by step lesson here to follow through… hope am not very honest? Trust me, I love your videos and I have most of them downloaded for further studying and learning. Meanwhile, we would appreciate you do class on SEO and/or other marketing tools. thanks boss…. ohh, did I forget to say that I love you your accent?!

  14. This is awesome, this tutorial can turn one into a pro in no time. A million thanks to you man.

  15. Great Stuff full of value!! I’m following the tutorial step by step and the page is getting almost the same as your demo,only a little differences like in the fancy header (in your example the sub header is above the main header;in mine is bellow) I supposed is for the framework update you talked about a few commets back. Keep doing this job my friend is very helpful. May I suggest or ask you make your next tutorial about a complete sales funnel? Thanks again Thumbs up!! . Another question, how do you remove or edit the “Powered by WordPress • Themify WordPress Themes” tag? I have tried by all means a don´t get it , even by editing the footer.php file in themify theme folder..

  16. I can’t see my social widgets even after I added them to the Footer Social Widget

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