How To Make A WordPress Website 2017

How To Make A WordPress Website 2017

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Learn how to make a wordpress website in this wordpress tutorial! In this wordpress tutorial, ill show you how to make a wordpress website from scratch with no experience required! What can you expect to learn in this tutorial? If you have wanted to create a website with no coding, than this is the tutorial for you! I use a free wordpress theme in this video and also the new elementor page builder which as been increasing in popularity of the year. So after you watch this, you can expect to learn how to build a website and also master the new elementor page builder! Make sure to check these links below

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You can also download the demo images here to help follow along in this wordpress tutorial:

07:17 – Get Hosting And Domain
15:53 – Install WordPress Theme
19:33 Creating Pages For Website
20:56 Creating A Menu
23:38 – Page Settings For Page Builder
25:26 Designing A Page
1:13:12 Free Resources For Your Website
1:08:22 Video Background Section
1:16:44 Creating A Split Screen
1:30:55 Image Carousel
1:36:45 Footer Widgets
1:44:47 Text Shadow Instructions
1:46:19 Pro Features
1:58:46 Creating The About Us Page
2:07:45 Bar Counters
2:12:08 Creating the PARALLAX Effect
2:14:50 Shape Dividers
2:20:40 Meet The Team Section
2:23:00 Testimonials
2:29:33 Getting A Logo
2:32:28 Creating A Transparent Menu And Styles
2:34:16 Video And Image Light Box Features
2:36:50 Creating The Blog
2:51:45 Quick Quiz
2:54:35 Mobile Optimization
3:10:45 Creating A Contact Page
3:35:35 Importing And Exporting Layouts
3:31:55 Closing And Resources

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  1. Lets get to 500 likes! Make sure to push the THUMBS UP! Again, let me know your experiences in the comments below. I do my best to get to all!

  2. I want to say a huge THANK YOU! This very video is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Your teaching & guiding capability is just awesome. I have 2 quick questions. 1. How can I make the menu STICKY? 2. What link i should put in the button box so that it automatically scroll down to next section. Example Sydney Theme. Thanks for your help.

  3. Great introduction to Elementor Darrell!
    One question: is there any way to customize the category and archive pages with Elementor? The Extra Theme with Divi makes this so easy with its Category Builder.

  4. Hey Darrel,thnx for this awesome tutorials keep it up. I just have a question : mobile menu doesnt seems to work with elementor i think there is some kind of incompatiblity between oceanwp and elementor (I have checked the console there is some javascript errors and when i desactivated elementor this works well…), any fix for that?Cheers.

  5. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing it.My issue is that I have added a video background, but each time I click on home page it seems there’s a delay before the video start playing, any reason for that

  6. Thanks bro! Learned many things from you WordPress and plugins. Many thanks for time and tutorial. Subbed!!

  7. Hi Darrel, thanks so much for the tutorial! Im having one problem though, for some reason my blog page doesnt give me the option to edit with elementor?… Why is that and how do I solve this? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  8. I am having trouble getting the images to remain all the same size in the image Carousel, I made the heights all the same in Photoshop, but they don’t seem to stay the same after I add them in Elementor. Am I missing something here? Thank you guys in advance. 🙂

  9. I don’t know why. I have putted the shortcode of the form in a text editor in elementor, changed under the general option in appeareance the theme button background, the preview works well but it doesn’t save that even if i save it. Then load the site and the button is the default one. Really annoying, the only problem i still got there….what css could i use to change that button?

  10. Hi, I’ve uploaded elementor but when I go to use it, the text editor box runs across the screen and obscures…I can t seem to minimize or get rid of it? I can’t use elementor because I can’t see what I’m working on? Any advise?

  11. When it is in mobile view, can you not edit things like the margins and fonts sizes and things?

  12. Got up to 29:17, and then nothing. When I drag the text to my page it does nothing. Cant see the edit text thing to type my text in…

  13. Hey Darrel, out of curiosity when you create a text box with multiple lines you use the Text Editor Tool, then the Heading Tool and so on. Why is this please? Great video I have leaned a lot from it, many thanks.

  14. hello Darrel do you have a tutorial on how to lunge my website on line I’m not being able to do it for some reason the lunge button is no longer shown on my WordPress page thank you.

  15. I made a blog page. Made it the news page and I can’t edit anymore with elementor. If the page is set for the news page it cannot be edited or it is just me?

  16. The timestamp of “Importing And Exporting Layouts” is wrong. Thank you for the tutorial! Watched it through haha 😀

  17. Darrel you are the BEST i am watching your course on udemy and it’s very helpful just like your youtube videos keep giving the great content i hope you have a successful life <3

  18. Hi Darrel, I really like your tutorial videos. Do you mind do a tutorial on how to create user registration using either free or paid plugins and perhaps walk through the user/profile section in the wordpress to explain how to use it? Thanks.

  19. Hi Darrel Wilson, thank you for the great tutorial, I have a question about the blog page. My website is just a blog and I want to write about different topics, so how can I have the blog template for more than one page? and how to add a subscribe to newsletter part for the home page? also slider for the home page.

  20. hey, Darrel Wilson thnx for this great video….
    right now I am facing one difficulty that how to remove “/wp” from my web domain can you please suggest me ???

  21. I am not able to update the page even when I made all the changes its does not apply in final page

  22. Thanks Darrel – this is an awesome tutorial! …I am a little stuck though…I cant seem to add the text widget to my home page cover pic. When I try to drag and drop it has a red ‘x’ and won’t let me do it. Any ideas on what I’m missing? TIA

  23. Holy awesome tutorial! This is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever watched no matter the topic! Thanks so much, I’ll be watching this one again as well as some of your other videos!

  24. Man, after this one, of course i am subscribing…
    Great tutorial man, great energy, i’m gonna be honest, i’ve had some good laughs during these three and a half hours, you are hularious… Very informative 😀

  25. Great tutorial, but how do IO get to use the plug-in. When I try to drag the header or text editor, it has the red circle with the slash in it not allowing me to do anything. What do I do, how do I get it to work?

  26. Hello, Darrel you are doing a great job. Your tutorials are easy to understand. Can you please make a video on How to make Woocommerce Online Store using Elementor Page builder. Please Make a complete video with after ship support plugin.

  27. Great tutorial I watched the whole thing and created my first website with it. Thank you very much! Only constructive criticism I have is You say very often “I press on this right here” rather than “I press header, go to advanced, background… ” Something like that makes it even easier to listen to the sound while doing it simultaneously. Anyways, thank you Darrel!

  28. Very nice video. Makes it very easy to understand.

    Please tell me if we can make OVERLAY change shades? like making a gray overlay or underlay to change shade or animate?

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