How To Make A WordPress Blog 2017 – Create A Blog With WordPress – EXTRA THEME

How To Make A WordPress Blog 2017 – Create A Blog With WordPress – EXTRA THEME

GET HOSTING 65% OFF / Learn to make a blog with wordpress! In 90 minutes, you will be able to create a blog with no experience required! Its easy to make a blog, Ill show you how!
Learn how to start a blog step by step with wordpress! You can make your own blog in under 90 minutes with this tutorial! You dont need to have any experience to create your own blog or website today. I will be using wordpress to create this blog and you’ll be really surprised how easy it is to make this blog. Blogging with the extra theme is really simple and very modern.

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14 Replies to “How To Make A WordPress Blog 2017 – Create A Blog With WordPress – EXTRA THEME”

  1. Hello.

    can anybody help me and say how to make blog post columns in differen colors? Top border ant links? Why all my columns with post is in one blue style?

  2. I added three new categories which are showing perfectly on Featured Posts Slider Module Settings but not on Posts Module Settings

  3. Watched the entire video. Very well done! Thanks for the great info. You didn’t skip anything!

  4. Thanks for this wonderful theme. But i have little issue with sharing my post to social networks like facebook. When i tryto share it doesn’t share my actaul post image instead it share the post topic and site icon or image… Please i need your help.

  5. Hi Darrel,

    When I add new post the Extra Builder program show that
    “Divi Builder Timeout
    Oops, it looks like the Divi Builder failed to load. Performing the following actions may help solve the problem.

    1. You are using third party plugins. Try disabling each plugin to see if one is causing a conflict.

    Reload The Builder”

    I try to download new zip file from Elegant website and installed again, but still show the same thing. What should I do.

  6. Hi Darrell, The featured post slider on my home page is not mobile responsive. The images get cropped on mobile. Is there any way to solve this? Keep up the good work!

  7. everything is great in this video. but just tell us how to edit/change that footer attribution?

  8. Hi Darrel, very good job. In the principal slider i do not want posts but i wanna show some photos. Is it possible? could you explain me how can i do it? thanks

  9. Hi Darrel, as usual word class video! You get indeed a top blog for this price! Please excuse being a total greenhorner in blogs but does this theme also work for a multi blogger community website ? Will normal users get access to post their own blogs or is this reserved only for the admin ?

  10. hey darrel! how to change my site to another language? like completely turns all my website to different language

  11. Darrel, thanks for the video! Did you see the nexus theme? I didn’t find any tutorial about this! Extra is the best ever theme till now for blog website?

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