How To Make A Website 2017 | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

How To Make A Website 2017 | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

WordPress tutorial for beginners – how to make a WordPress website 2017. Learn step by step how to create a ,000+ website.

DreamHost discount: Divi theme: In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, create an agency level WordPress website step by step, and save ,000 – ,000+ with this FREE WordPress tutorial for beginners.

Follow along with step-by-step instructions and access additional resources at:

View the live demo website at

The tools you’ll need to create your WordPress website (affiliate links):
HOSTING (DreamHost discount + FREE domain):

The features you can expect in this ‘how to build a WordPress website 2016 – 2017’ tutorial:
– Agency level website (this website was designed by a digital agency)
– Fully responsive (looks great on all devices)
– 100% customizable (layouts, colors, elements…EVERYTHING!)
– Search engine ready (Make sure your website can be found!)
– Google Analytics installed (Measure the performance of your website.)
– Website email included (we’ll show you how to set up an email for your website i.e. ‘’ using Google Apps)
– Newsletter opt-in enabled (build a community around your business, brand or project)
– Use a drag + drop editor to create stunning layouts with no coding skills required, this will help you to save time and create something that is uniquely you!

0:00 Introduction

Preparation (WordPress theme, domain, hosting, logo)
17:47 Step 1.1 | Purchase and download your WordPress theme
23:50 Step 1.2 | Secure your domain
27:38 Step 1.3 | Set up hosting
31:48 Step 1.4 | Logo & favicon design

Planning & design
35:06 Step 2.1 | Wireframes & page layouts
40:52 Step 2.2 | Content design
46:55 Step 2.3 | Design elements

Install WordPress
48:52 Step 3.1 | Install WordPress on DreamHost

Upload & install WordPress theme
51:47 Step 4.1 | Upload & install Divi WordPress Theme

Set up email for your website
53:58 Step 5.1 | Set up an email account for your website (Google Apps)

Set up email marketing / newsletter opt-in
1:00:26 Step 6.1 | Set up email marketing / newsletter with AWeber

Customizing your website
1:03:37 Step 7.1 | Customize the default WordPress settings
1:08:37 Step 7.2 | Customize the Divi theme options
1:14:16 Step 7.3 | Install any additional plugins required for our website
1:20:31 Step 7.4 | Use the Theme Customizer to execute your design
1:33:08 Step 7.5 | Use the Divi Builder to create page content & templates
1:33:08 Part 1: Using the Divi Builder – How to create pages
1:49:20 Part 2: Creating the Homepage (1 of 2)
2:18:23 Part 3: Creating the Homepage (1 of 2)
2:49:57 Part 4: Creating the Services & Sub-Services ‘Web Design’ page
3:34:14 Part 5: Creating the Contact & About pages
4:04:31 Part 6: Creating the Blog, Our Work & How it Works pages
4:32:28 Part 7: Creating the Pricing, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions & Thank You pages
4:55:41 Step 7.6 | Add custom CSS to Divi Theme Options page

Set up Google Webmaster Tools
5:01:30 Step 8.1 | Set up Google Webmaster Tools & index your website for search

Set up Google Analytics
5:07:59 Step 9.1 | Set up Google Analytics

The Divi theme is incredibly well supported and you can access the Divi documentation and video tutorial library for more details here:

This is the first of many digital marketing and WordPress tutorials aimed at helping you with everything from how to build a WordPress website to how to market it effectively through leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – specifically Google AdWords, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

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  1. When getting to menu page… can you put in your own “names” instead of the pre existing ones you added? ( eg.,, about us, contribute, advertise, …etc. ) ?Thanks

  2. Its a best DIVI tutorial I have seen.Its help me a lot to learn. Thank You for this. When you upload the new one. I am waiting 🙂

  3. Great tutorial I think the best one on the youtube. But I think that you missed something , how to add MENU text in front of the navigation. 😀

  4. This is absolutely incredible, I can’t thank you guys enough. I started this tutorial knowing absolutely nothing about web dev and now I’m confident I can pull this off on my own – miracle! THANK YOU

  5. I love what you’ve done here LD. I especially like that you have a contents in the description so people don’t have to go through the entire 5 hour video to pick bits they want.

    I like how you have done your header. At the start of the video it shows how the header is transparent, but at 00:28 as you scroll down, the background of the header turns white so you can still see the titles. Could you point me out where in the video you show how to do this please? My website has a transparent header but when I scroll down, it stays transparent so you can’t see the titles if the text is the same colour as the page.

    Thanks again, and love your work!

  6. This is brilliant. I loved your tutorial. Infact I made one website myself following this tutorial. You are very professional and amazing. Thanks a lot. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

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