How To Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress

Let’s review the different ways to get started with WordPress. The lesson walks users through the process of installing WordPress locally on their own computer so they can follow along with future lessons. Check out my updated (2017) premium WordPress for Beginners course:

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31 Replies to “How To Install WordPress”

  1. the program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer,help please.

  2. good job, really nice tutorial. As a side not, for me WAMP did not work, it gave me an error during the installation. XAMPP however worked perfectly

  3. After i installed WAMP. I could not find phpMyAdmin’s application to launch

  4. i have created one project , i want to create other project (website) how can i create it using wordpress. every time i create database on php myadmin i am entering into old project, how can i access new project of new database

  5. If your wamp icon is orange and says 1 of 2 services is running try switching off skype

  6. i had to update the wp-config manually because when i did click on the wampserver from localhost i get : this website is not available

    after updating it with the DB infos i still get that error ?

  7. I used Bitnami to install wordpress and now i can’t log in to my wordpress site . Site is fine .And also, in the installation process i was not asked to set username and password. Plz someone help.

  8. I have a job interview tomorrow and the introduction video helped me so much! It was basically everything I needed to know. Thank you so so so so much! The videos are amazing and you sound like a really nice guy. I hope you have a lot of success!!

  9. Hello, I am very new to this, what about ubuntu users? How do I find wamp/xamp…?

  10. If you are having trouble opening up the local host, Change the port under the apache httpd:config where it says listen 80 or it may say listen or something like that. Change it to 81 or 8080 and save the file. You will need to now type in localhost:81 or localhost:8080 and you will see the dashboard.

    For phpmyadmin do this localhost:81/phpmyadmin

  11. Thank you a lot! A note from me for users: in LOCALHOST folder WordPress was not opening. I had manually write directory LOCALHOST/WORDPRESS to make it work. (I used wampserver in PC)

  12. Hi, Thanks for your videos. I downloaded WAMP. When I tried to setup phpMyAdmin I couldn’t find it as you described.

  13. well well
    it took me forever to get throw this video
    i was about to stop
    but then
    i start from the start
    i get problem with the login page
    if you were using W your phpadmin
    then typr for the user name : root
    password : it blank
    then the localhost you need to enable the php from the setting
    then type in the url
    then Done

    thank you so much , gotta keep going

  14. I spent hours trying to get WAMP to work, so I gave up and finally tried MAMP. I took me a whole 10 mins to get it installed and working! Thanks for this !

  15. Problem: I don’t want to sound like a “Doe-Dick” but for some reason, WampServer won’t install… Keeps saying that I have missing .dll files. Do you have a video on installing the PHP, MySQL, and Pearl via Apachi? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I ended up simply giving up. LOL

    Do you have a 2017 explanation how to do this online (instead of PC)? Thankyou.

  16. I’m using windows, I have followed the video successfully to 7:16 and got blocked because I can’t locate my local host directory. I installed WAMP. Need some help please

  17. when i got to myadmin it asked for a user name and password. since I have never run this before it’s a real impasse for me.

  18. thaaaaaannnkkkkk youuuu sooo much i going for a wordpress site for gaming anyone can team up with me >>>……. most welcome everyone

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