How To Create Tables,Rows,Boxes In WordPress Website-WordPress Tutorial Videos

How To Create Tables,Rows,Boxes In WordPress Website-WordPress Tutorial Videos

WordPress Tutorial Videos. Learn how to create tables, rows and boxes in WordPress Website using TinyMCE plugin.

Resources: WordPress Plugin used: TinyMCE
Special thanks to Martin Tallstrom for providing “Ambient Groove”

The default WordPress twenty ten theme is limited when it comes to creating tables and boxes in your theme; but of course there’s a plugin for that. In this video I’ll show you how to use on of the tools included with the tiny mce plugin. Tables can be a little tricky and you will find that there are a lot of options to choose from when setting up boxes.

Creating tables, rows and columns is a good idea for your website because it helps draw your readers attention to areas you want to stand out. You can put colors and accents within tables which add a very appealing overall effect to your pages and posts.

Plan your tables in advance so you know exactly what you want your end goal to be. As a rule you should try and use at least two columns and 3 or 4 rows. Of course it’s a personal choice.

Some people like to use color in their tables as well because it’s an additional “stand out” feature. If you’d like to learn more about some of the other features in tiny mce, or learn how to create a WordPress website that gets you found online you can visit and find out more. I offer a complete WordPress Video Training System which specifically designed for beginners.


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  1. yes…Another great video about advanced wordpress tutorials. Users will love your next video…

  2. do you know if I can do this with icons and with codes for paypal, I want to set up a table that has all the buttons for my courses and the buy now buttons as well but using a it the same process?

  3. Thanks , i was trying tables today and than i decided to look for youtube video for some help and here it was , great i appreciate your tutorial .
    I love TinyMCE this is the best plugin i could find for WP, also i use it for the sidebar so i can easy add links , banners and more .
    Now i can easy add tables to my sidebar , looking up for more tutorials from you
    Thanks a lot

  4. I am a neophyte in wordpress and a lot confused now with various plugins like one shown here, the tinyMCE. I wanted a lot of changes in my webpages like ones I saw that look very professional and attractive.I installed the tinyMCE but could not find it to utilize it. there was nothing in my dashboard to use the tinyMCE.

  5. please i want to ask which plugin to use in creating and customizing an admin and user panel such a way that anyone who registers or signs up in your website will automatically have his or her own user panel where they can make changes and do some stuffs and also have a dash board where they can see there daily earnings and other transactions and also the user should be able to see his deposit and withdrawal request and the rest transactions, i.e it will look like a ptc site or a survey earning site. please help

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