How To Create An ECommerce Website With WordPress – Online Store 2017!

How To Create An ECommerce Website With WordPress – Online Store 2017!

THE BEST ECOMMERCE WORDPRESS TUTORIAL! Create an Amazing eCommerce Website With WordPress Or Online Store!
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Below are some timestamps for this eCommerce WordPress Tutorial:

20:54 – Purchase Hosting And Domain

27:18 – Purchase And Install Divi Theme

30:50 – Create Some Pages

32:00 – Create A Menu

47:25 – Intro To Image + Call to Action Modules

01:01:25 – Install WooCommerce Plugin

01:04:10 – Creating A Simple Product

1:16:01 – Create A Split Screen Effect

1:20:50 – Create InstaGram Feed

1:28:30 – Create A Footer

1:36:18 – Creating About Us Section

1:55:00 – Create Whats Hot Page

2:12:22 – Create A Blog Page

2:27:25 – Create Contact Page

2:35:20 – CSS Intro

2:47:28 – Logo

02:52:30 – Menu Customization

03:01:59 – Creating A Shop Page For Online Store

03:19:30 – Live Chat For eCommerce Website

03:31:35 – Bloom And Monarch Plugin ( Email Subscriptions )

3:47:44 – ( Discount For Plugins )

3:49:40 – Mobile Optimization

3:54:45 – WooCommerce Settings ( Visit

4:06:20- Automated Taxes

4:20:15 -FREE Stripe Integration

4:27:55 – Coupon Codes

4:30:45 – Creating Product Categories on different parts of ecommerce website

4:39:01 – Variable Products


For Call To Action On Front Page, Enter This In MAIN ELEMENT –
position: relative;

Align Text: text-align: center;

Create The Divi-Glow – box-shadow: 0px 0px 30px #673ab7;

Border + Shadow On Front Page – box-shadow: 0px 0px 30px #673ab7;

These Next Two Must be placed in THEME Customizer

Glow Over All eCommerce Products – li.product:hover {
box-shadow: 0px 0px 30px #673ab7 !important;

Center Reviews For eCommerce Website – .woocommerce .products .star-rating, .woocommerce-page .products .star-rating {
margin: 4px auto 0.3em!important;


If you want to create an ecommerce website with wordpress, this ecommerce wordpress tutorial will show you how to do it step by step. Remember, you can sell anything you want for your online shop. Its very easy and simple to follow. I have many other woocommerce and ecommerce tutorials in my channel is make sure to check those out as well! This complete tutorial on how to make an ecommerce website with wordpress or online store will show you step by step on how to make a professional and amazing ecommerce website with wordpress 2017!

Here is the complete woocommerce tutorial for your ecommerce wordpress website –

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  2. Hi Darrel, how can I edit in Caldera Form the text that is sent automatically when they leave us a message “Hi Guido Verardi. Thanks!

  3. Whats up Darrel. Do you create your site offline on your desktop or under a subdomain? Trying to figure out the best way to redo my existing site and save the design for other sites i want to come out with.

  4. Thank you for the video, however you’re lying about free module. You basically want people to buy from DIVI website through your website so that you can get a commission.

  5. Hi Darrel. Could you please tell me how to remove the hover zoom on the products page. I would like to keep the click to zoom but just don’t want the hover. I have tried googling several methods but none seemed to work with Divi. If you could let me know a solution that works with Divi that would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Because of my financial status, I would like to know how much I will be spending once this site is finished. So I will know if I can do it now or wait until I get more cash.

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  8. Hi, i have bought the Divi theme, can you please give it to me as you have made it. So i can just change then the pics and the products ?!
    Because i went till the middle but something happened with my host provider and i had to delete everything, and now i have to go from the beginning again :-/, which is really frustrating…

    I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  9. Hi Darrel Awesome Tutorials! Every minute of it is helpful. Could you also do a tutorial that enables Drop shipping or somewhat the like? For example from aliexpress, alibaba, etc. That would be helpful. People go to shopify just for that feature I think.

  10. whats up Darrel? have you made a video on making a child theme to put your css codes in so you won’t lose them during updates or is this obsolete with the new updates to Divi?

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    Could you please do a tutorial for Travel Agency website with WordPress?

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  14. I bought my domain through Google, should I cancel my subscription and use SiteGround to make things easier? Idk if Google domains has SSL and how to make it work with WordPress.

  15. Hello Darrel, Great video tutorial btw! May I ask, when creating a child theme for the Divi theme, do you need to input all the custom css coding you make in the editor of the child theme as well? or does it automatically populate that location as you work on the site? Thanks in advance and keep up the great, easy to follow, work!

  16. Hi. Which plugins would you recommend to change this site into a marketplace? Also, which membership plugins would you recommend?

  17. Image flipper doesn’t seem to work please help, it doesn’t work with the modules only the default shop page

  18. Once you finished the site and someone searches for a product and it takes them to a category page for shirts or pants etc. does that category page show as the woocommerce default style if so is it a way to edit those category pages?

  19. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your great Tutorials.
    But I have a little problem in the shop page that is your custom created.
    Auto image flipper(That is your recommended) doesn’t work in the custom shop page.
    But it is still working on the default shop page.
    Can you help me for this?

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