How To Create A Website For Free | A WordPress Tutorial & Training

How To Create A Website For Free | A WordPress Tutorial & Training

Learn how to make a website with this WordPress Tutorial for beginners! This is an step-by-step A-Z walk through. You will learn to properly build a website that is setup correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools!

Get the Inside Scoop on How to Create a Website

Creating your own website doesn’t have to be an epic challenge. Whether you want a website for personal reasons or in order to run an online business, you will find that there are some ways to make the process of creating a website faster and easier!

With our expert tips at the ready, you’ll be able to create your own website without investing too much time, energy and money, and you’ll be primed to attract an audience in no time flat.

Create Your Own Website with WordPress

You definitely do not need to be a tech wizard when it comes to creating your own website. Instead, you simply need to know the most streamlined steps to follow! When you choose the right interface, the process will move quickly and it will be extremely efficient and straightforward.

In case you didn’t know, the most impressive platform for creating your own website is WordPress.

This free (and world-famous!) application allows website creation newbies, intermediates and experts alike to create new websites, just by pointing and clicking (and doing a little copying and pasting!).

When you choose WordPress, you’ll empower yourself, as this intuitive platform offers customizable options galore, all of which will make it simple to give your new website tons of functionality, as well as plenty of personalized style and panache!

What You Need to Know about WordPress

WordPress is relied upon by almost everyone these days. In other words, “webmasters” from the world’s richest, most successful corporations utilize WordPress in order to design and run websites – however, so do millions of others, from start-up entrepreneurs to mid-size business owners and beyond!

You may be wondering why WordPress has risen to the top, when so many competing applications are also out there? Well, the answer is that WordPress is very user-friendly… primarily due to the WYSIWYG philosophy of its developers! WYSIWYG is an acronym which stands for “what you see is what you get”!

With regard to WordPress, navigating and then selecting Web design elements will always be a total breeze, as the system is very easy to understand. In other words, it’s been created with your ease and convenience in mind!

In addition, the team at WordPress provide a range of educational materials within the interface itself, so accessing immediate answers, advice and tips will be completely stress-free.

Website Creation Is a Three-step Process

Now that you understand the value of WordPress, let’s talk about the three steps which must be taken in order to get a website operational! First, you’ll need to choose and register your “url” (website address), which may also be referred to as a domain name. Your domain name will be “hosted” by a company which specializes in this service – is an example of a reputable, affordable and popular hosting company.

Second, you’ll need to begin designing your website, with the help of the WordPress application. During this step, you may publish your work, after creating a Web design which suits your needs.

The third and final step is “going live” by putting your new website out there on the World Wide Web. When you do so, people will be able to enjoy what you’ve created right away! Your hosting company will make sure that your website is viewable by everyone who drops by – just let its reps know that your new website design is complete.

Hopefully, our guide has demystified the process of how to create a website. So, why not create your own website today?


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  1. Hello. I have my Domain I got it for free but i would like a different hosting option is really unreliable. I’m Stressed out with all the options I just need the best free hosting.

  2. Hi James.Thaks very much for such hard work and sharing it with us.Just wanted to ask you how much difference there is between creating a simple website and creating a sort of a social network where people can create their profiles and add each other or whatsoever?I would highly apreciate you answering.Thanks.

  3. I have had my own webiste for 6 years and I still learned a couple of things from your video.  Very good!

  4. If I buy the gator domain for WordPress do I still need to upgrade WordPress to put in plugins?

  5. Hey James i must say that was a great from your side!! Thanks a tonne for that!!
    Could you please help me out with one thing….
    Can we add “Register” and “Login” option for my customers?

  6. Hi James, thanks for such a great tutorial… I have just one question, I am planning to start a blog, should i code the blog from scratch using django or should i use wordpress just like you did in this video. Also, which method did you use to make your website ? Please answer fast and keep your great work…Reply fast…

  7. I use BlueHost for hosting my websites and have had great success. I like them better than HostGator and GoDaddy because of their customer support alone. They also offer a better Control panel layout that’s easier to use plus many easy wizards to make setup very easy. They also usually have good promotions going on. Here is ta link:

  8. I have learned so much from your you tube videos in a short time. Very good and easy steps.
    Many thanks.

  9. Fucking great man, I challenge myself to do what you’ve shown to us. because I’m starting my affiliate website now and I want to apply all the good stuff from you.Awesome and thank you so much

  10. I thought it was free? can I make a site without host gator? sorry I’m not a techy person

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