How To Create A Blog On WordPress – Step-by-Step Tutorial (2011)

How To Create A Blog On WordPress – Step-by-Step Tutorial (2011)

Creating a blog on WordPress is easy. Simply follow step by step instructions in the video to create your free blog on wordpress within minutes. Visit for more information about creating blogs.


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  1. Thank you. The first 18 seconds was the best free advice I have had this week…unfortunately I have already spent £120 before finding out this information…but thanks though – I can use this info for my new WP blogs in the future. Excellent tutorial.

  2. You should not use the .wordpress domain. You should develop your own site using wordpress with WAMP and then buy a domain and host it on a server. This is no way to create a professional blog.

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  6. Thank you so much for upload this necessary video. I like it very much. I am waiting for your next video. Thanks….

  7. thanks dude really appreciate , but is it possible to turn this wordpress blog into a website

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