How To Build A WordPress Website | Full Tutorial

How To Build A WordPress Website | Full Tutorial

Step by step tutorial on how to build a WordPress website from scratch. This tutorial covers everything from buying a domain name, setting up your web hosting for the first time, installing WordPress for free, Installing and customizing a theme, as well as a basic introduction to the WordPress interface.


We’ll add a few static pages, build a menu, as well as enter a few posts. You’ll also learn how widgets work. This is a tutorial for beginners looking to start their online business.

Jump Ahead:

00:25 Overview
01:23 The process of building a website

02:23 Setting up web hosting
03:13 Getting started with Bluhost
03:19 Pick hosting package
04:03 Choose Domain
04:31 Enter account Information
04:53 Additional package options
06:09 Upgrades
06:23 Bluehost Password

06:39 Log into Bluehost
07:09 Bluehost Dashboard

07:20 Install WordPress
08:52 View Credentials
09:49 Log into WordPress

10:23 WordPress Dashboard
10:36 Delete default plugins
12:23 Create pages/posts
15:57 Theme customizer

17:42 Add new theme
19:46 Theme Options
21:17 Add Logo
21:57 Social Media Links
22:45 Widgets
25:11 Subscribe


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Free Interface theme by Theme Horse


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38 Replies to “How To Build A WordPress Website | Full Tutorial”

  1. Dear: i bought hosting from bluehost with domain, but i didn’t get login page for wordpress, there is showing trhe page of godaddy where mention that use your domain, i have registered from godaddy. what should i do?

  2. I’m totally lost. I install WordPress and copy the user name and password like so and it says that my username or password is incorrect. In other words, I did the exact same thing but I can’t log in.

  3. Great Video! Thanks! my english its no so good, let me straight!. There a lot of plugins in Worpress, this is a fact!. Its is possible use plugin totaly free or not ?. What plugin is similar to Sumome ?

  4. Thanks so much for this video! I bought my bluehost domain & everything last night. I was dreading trying to learn how to set this all up and you made it so easy! Thanks so much. One thing, how do you change the colors for the interface theme? I can only find the background color option. Thanks!

  5. Excellent! Very clear and easy to follow. And I will subscribe to your channel

  6. This was fantastic! Easy to stop and start the video to follow along. I did everything you suggested. Looks like a few changes on the layout of the Theme, but it’s there, just took a minute to see the changes. Thank you! Exactly what I needed to get a jump start!

  7. Great video! Do you have any tutorial on how to add ads to your website 😀

  8. Hello, great tutorial! quick question, would I be able to access and edit my website from different computers? Thanks!

  9. Your text box area when you are editing a page has a toolbar for various text formatting. Mine does not, and when I type anything it doesn’t show me what I’m typing. How do I get mine to appear as yours?

  10. Hi, When I install the interface theme I have no theme options under the appearance menu.

  11. You were awesome and your video is #1 that i have seen and believe me i have see most of them. Trying to figure out how to do this and you made it so easy ………………….THANK YOU

  12. it says you can have unlimited websites, how do you change or deal with the .com addresses, i am a bit confused on how that works, i thought under the domain you can then create different websites with different addresses ?

  13. Hello, I purchased my domain from hostgator a long time ago, and I am still paying each year, but is there anyway to switch my domain to bluest? If so, do you have a video on how to do this? Thank you for the vids/info!

  14. Hello thanks for the video, i did the same but still when i want to open the web, im getting thhe coming soon page: “This page is used to test the proper operation of your recent MOJO Marketplace installation of WordPress! If you can read this page it means your installation was successful” so how i can put it online? thnks

  15. Hi Matt, Great pacing. Thx for getting to the point. I’d love to see another video diving into the next level of details. Maybe WooCommerce and Cherry Plugins.

  16. This is so helpful to me.
    I want to make one website for my business but I am confused whether wordpress is suitable top make business website or I should use some other? Because I want to customize more on the background and I want dynamic pages. Please suggest.

  17. you are a genius man, but affiliate link doesn’t work and I don’t know why. otherwise u are best. thanks

  18. you are a genius man, but affiliate link doesn’t work and I don’t know why. otherwise u are best. thanks

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