How To Build A Website In WordPress

How To Build A Website In WordPress

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In my newest WordPress tutorial for 2015, learn how to build a website in WordPress with features from’s best business websites.

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21 Replies to “How To Build A Website In WordPress”

  1. superbbbb tutorial…..I have learned so much from it , very easy way …Thanks Gregg

  2. Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have known what to do without this tutorial. Highly recommended!

  3. Hey I need help cause the blog template is missing and I can’t start with my blog page… help!

  4. Amazing work Greg. You are really a good teacher. You made it possible for me to believe that I too can build an ecommerce website. I wished to have a website for a long time but here in Oman, the developer demands a lot but you made it easy for me. thank you again.
    keep up the great work.

  5. i created a slider but when i go to home to add it. there is no option in drop down bar for me to select my slider. only options are NONE and DEMO sliders ??? i activated my new slider,but still nothing in that Home drop bar ?? thanks for all ur help.

  6. Greg, thanks for this clear and easy-to-follow video! Bad at math…but how come the monthly cost is $3.96 vs 1-year signup ends up being $5.56/month?

  7. Greg, so far doing okay at about 38 minutes in but – under the template drop-down menu, there is no “blog” choice, just full-page, half-page, etc. Also, on the gallery page I don’t want to go to YouTube, I just want to put in photos of my art with titles. I didn’t see an image widget on Page Builder. I’m used to Blogger so this is all very new. Thank you for your help!

  8. #Donna Brooks Hey I need help cause the blog template is missing and I can’t start with my blog page… help! @Brandon McCray

  9. How do I get the Slider to work? No matter what I choose whether it is New slider or the Demo nothing comes up. It is just blank. No pictures slide at all. I have noticed when you change the blog to static page on Blog, I lost the slider.

  10. hi bro . i tried to create one but after installing word press, i click on the URL admin link and its say (DNS address could not be found.) . so what should i do now ?? thanks and waiting bro

  11. Followed everything on your video up to installing WordPress. Did not get an email from wordpress like your video said, but instead got an email from Quickinstall powered by MOJO. When I click on the admin url like your video, it takes me to the GoDaddy parking site for my domain name, not wordrpress.

  12. Thanks Greg your the best…. My website is up and running. I was wondering if i could change the colors on the website to my theme colour.

  13. You are a hero!!! I am following your video which is very “awesome” to say the least. But I am stuck at 32:50 (Gallery set up) When I press the Install Now button it goes nowhere. Any Ideas from anyone?

  14. I am now having an issue with MOBILE
    on the PC the website looks great
    on Mobile the menu is not shown leaving users STUCK because there is no menu
    so they one see one page and not the rest of the website.

    ANY help would be grateful

    use your mobile to see what I mean

  15. Hi Greg,I have been following your tutorial and they are awesome.  I have a problem with shop, contact us, etc.  showing up in my logo area right in the middle of the logo.  What can I do to remove it, it an eye sore when you click on any menu that name appears in the middle of the logo.

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