How To Add Single And Double Line Spacing In WordPress

How To Add Single And Double Line Spacing In WordPress

When learning the WordPress visual editor it can sometimes be difficult for new users to format their paragraphs. Normally all that would need to be done is edit the paragraph formatting but the visual editor does not have that button. In this video, we will show you how to add single and double line spacing to your posts.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Without a formatting button, how WordPress handles paragraphs can be a bit confusing for new users.

When you press Enter to add a line break WordPress considers it the end of a paragraph and adds a double line space should your theme allow.

To only have a single line space press SHIFT+ENTER and that will tell WordPress you want to start a new line and not a new paragraph.

To edit your line spacing you will need to edit your CSS file and find the “.post p” tag or create one should you not have one.

Change the “line-height” value if you want to change the single line spacing or add “padding-bottom: 15px;” to change the double line spacing.


16 Replies to “How To Add Single And Double Line Spacing In WordPress”

  1. uhmm, when I use the app version of WordPress, there’s no shift key on my keyboard. The capitalize key doesn’t work.

  2. Tutorial was very helpful and got the problem solved! Thank you!!!!

  3. What I do is create my words in Microsoft Word and format it there and just copy and paste it in my WP and it works really well. I have more control that way over the way it looks. Just wanted to share this in case it helps to make it easier. Thank you so much …really appreciate your videos.

  4. Hai there i press enter but the double line spacing does not show i show on the backend but when it’s publish it does not show any

  5. 1:36

    1. Padding – bottom? Not sure how exactly to write this or where. Can you clarify?
    2.Also, where do you have to write .post p? Does it matter?
    3. What kind of number do you usually use for padding? Would be nice to have an idea to start – single, double or triple digits?! No frame of reference.


  6. 1:37 is the most important part of your video but you go too fast and you can’t see what you typed as the code.

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