How To Add Google Calendar In WordPress

How To Add Google Calendar In WordPress

Do you want to add Google Calendar to your WordPress site? Google Calendar is a useful scheduling app for your schedule. In this video we will show you how to add Google Calendar in WordPress.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Start by installing and acticaitng the Simple Calendar Google Calendar Plugin then go to the Calendars, Settings page.

For the calendar to work you would need to get an API key by vising the Google Developer Console website and clicking the create new project button.

You will need to provide a name for your project, it can be anything you want but something that helps you identify it would be best.

You would want to enable APIs and then under the Apps APIs you want the calendar API enabled.

Go to credentials and create a server key and provide a name for it.

Now Go to your calendar dropdown and share the calendar as public to get the calendar ID that you will need.

Now go to Calendars, Add New and you will be able to set up your calendar.


19 Replies to “How To Add Google Calendar In WordPress”

  1. Thank you, it is very clear and useful. I even succeeded adding the calendar as a widget being a true beginner )

  2. “You will now be redirected to your project dashboard where you need to click on the Enable and Manage API Keys link”

    I no longer see this. Is this video outdated?

  3. I followed your instruction, but ended up getting “Calendar Placeholder” and no calendar – I checked it 6 times for errors and same thing

  4. I can’t see my calendar ID, it just shows my e-mail adress. Anyone who knows how to fix this?

  5. yea, but do I have to do this each time I add an event? You lost me at 5:08… That’s too much. When I add an event to my calendar on my phone or Google, I don’t need to do much. I just add an event. Why is so complicated. Now I need API number?

  6. This is a super helpful video! I needed to add a calendar on Word Press (I only use Square Space) and this saved me a ton of time. Thanks!

  7. Very nice tutorial! I have several calendars which allow the user to see different categories of events (e.g., social events, sports events). However, each calendar has a have a different Calendar ID. I would like the user to see all the calendars – any suggestions.

  8. Video is very well done, unfortunately for me I guess it is already out of date. As the steps don’t look at all the same for me and I am unable to follow it. I am far from being a beginner. But Everything Google seems to be harder and harder to do.

  9. Can you help me please.

    While trying to retrieve events, Google returned an error:
    Error calling GET (403) The request did not specify any referer. Please ensure that the client is sending referer or use the API Console to remove the referer restrictions.

    Please ensure that both your Google Calendar ID and API Key are valid and that the Google Calendar you want to display is public.

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