How To Add An XML Site Map To WordPress – Tutorial 2017

How To Add An XML Site Map To WordPress – Tutorial 2017

Having an XML Site Map on your WordPress site will help the Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo index your site and help them understand what pages (URLs) you have, when they were updated last and how each URL relates to another.

It’s a good idea to have a n XML Site Map on your website and with WordPress it’s a breeze with to do with a plugin.

In this WordPress tutorial I’ll show you how – the tutorial is a little over 5 mins because I’ve explained a lot of the settings, but in reality it should take you around 1 minute as “Google XML Sitemaps” can installed, activated and live in exactly 3 clicks!

Google XML Sitemaps plugin is here on the WordPress Plugin Directory:

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12 Replies to “How To Add An XML Site Map To WordPress – Tutorial 2017”

  1. I did subscribe! Your video’s are very helpful to me. I have one question. Does the sitemap only take care pf homepage and posts?

  2. Hi thanks for this. Very new to blogging world. I have YoastSEO as well and a message has popped up saying there could be a problem with two site maps. TBH I don’t think my Yoast one is live… I’ve been sitting here for two hours and can’t get it to work….can I just install this plugin and be good to go?

  3. Top of the pops video tutorial, precise and concrete info from tutor, well done…i have subscribe…cheers

  4. sir i have done all the things you have told but when i open my site mape it looks 404
    Not Found please help me

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