‘How To Add An Audio Player To WordPress’ WordPress Tutorials

‘How To Add An Audio Player To WordPress’ WordPress Tutorials

In this WordPress tutorial, I walk you though how to add audio to your WordPress blog with the “Audio Player” plugin by Martin Laine Version

Using this audio player plugin for WordPress is simple and straight forward. After trying most of the available audio player plugin WordPress, I have found this plugin to work the best.


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  1. My editor does not show upload/insert, nor the HTML tab. Only an add media button which does not work, any suggestions !

  2. please if you could tell me how to embed a reverbnation url /audio in the webpage of my website..so that i dont have to upload files .

  3. i would like to know what is the shortcode for the audio to play on auto when a person open your page.

  4. would love to follow this tutorial but I don’t see the pluggin option on my dashboard?  so new at this, please help

  5. Hi Rick I used your video to add Audio Player to my post. Everything works well except that, when I view the post the player buffs but does not play. There’s text on the post that stats “here you need to have JavaScript enable your browser.” I am using Chrome I went through all info about java for my browser and it says that java enable automatically. How do I make sure that java is running on my browser and how do I remove the text I quoted from the post?  

  6. I have the new version. And I don’t see the “Upload/Insert” button. Is there a way that I could still get the player to work?

  7. I followed your instructions exactly. The only difference is when I click on “Add media”, I am brought to my media library, I click on the mp3 file, and then choose “Embed Media Player”, then click on “Insert into page”. The player shows on the page, just like your in your video. When I click to play it, the player says “buffering….” and the file never plays. I have tried with several media files.

  8. will this reduce data limit on annual space available posts? as i am using free version

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