How To Add A Contact Form In WordPress

How To Add A Contact Form In WordPress

this is video 1 out of 25 video tutorials on how to use wordpress

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25 Replies to “How To Add A Contact Form In WordPress”

  1. do i need an upraded account to add an email form to wordpress? i can’t seem to find the “plug ins” menu in my dashboard

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  3. Thanks man. This simple tutorial is very easy to follow. Now I have a contact form lol! Do you have tutorial for web design? I’m sure you’re the teacher I should have had a long time ago.

  4. Thanks mate. I’m still a newbie and I appreciated your clear, well delivered instructions

  5. Instruction is highly useful concise and no Confusions- Thanks a lot

  6. I am an expert in wordpress and I made a series of video tutorials regarding wordpress. WordPress experts agree that it’s the most comprehensive wordpress video series ever created. go to my channel to watch the video I posted.

  7. I do the same procedure, it doesn’t work, the code just appears on my website once I click refresh, please help?

  8. so good. I’ve been stressing about how to forms for ages and this seemed too simple!:)

  9. Thank you for making this ABC which is what all of them should be…  like everything — Appreciate a simple issue kept simple!  Have a good night!

  10. Thank you very much for the help. I was going crazy because all the people I was reading how to do it I couldn’t understand it. With your video I’ve don it in a min. 
    Thank you!

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