Gantry Frameworks WordPress Tutorial

Gantry Frameworks WordPress Tutorial

Gantry Frameworks WordPress Tutorial


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  1. really wish there were more Rocket Theme tutorials specifically for WordPress concentrating on themes and the additional plugins needed to run them. The Joomla themes don’t have the same interface settings as the WordPress ones. Hope this request spurs creation.

  2. i was checking your tutorials , i buyed the both, are just amazing and fun, vry well explained, i just have one question you have a tutorial for convert custom html to wordpress site? sorry for my bad english thanks.

  3. Thank you Arty for creating this video! I have been searching for help like this. Feel free to laugh…but I literally took paper notes while watching your tutorial so that I’ll be better prepared in setting up my brand new Leviathan theme. Gratzi!

  4. Thank you! A quick question about the custom override 1:
    When editing the theme to suit my product, is the custom override 1 in Widget and in the Theme the same? Do I need to save custom override 1 in both for the changs to show on the live site?

    Thank you

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