Enfold WordPress Theme Setup Tutorial – AidanBooth.com

Enfold WordPress Theme Setup Tutorial – AidanBooth.com

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This tutorial video shows you exactly how to build a high quality website in 30 minutes using the Enfold WordPress theme.

This demonstration builds a ‘White Label’ eCommerce website, but the Enfold theme can also be used to build non-eCom websites as well.

Here’s the timestamp information for this video:

0:00 – A look at what we’re about to create
0:50 – Uploading the theme using FTP (Filezilla)
1:45 – Activating the theme
2:00 – Deactivate any active plugins
2:25 – Setting up the LayerSlider
8:05 – Creating the Homepage
8:22 – Using the Advanced Layout Editor
11:52 – Removing the sidebar
13:35 – Linking to your Amazon.com product
16:33 – Customized the Promo box
17:15 – Setting up the testimonial section
20:11 – Setting the new page as the Homepage
20:26 – Setting a custom logo
21:17 – Removing the page title and breadcrumbs
21:41 – Creating a product page
24:24 – Creating Contact and About pages
25:03 – Creating a customized homepage menu with dropdown boxes
27:24 – Setting up the sidebar menu
27:40 – Setting up the footer widgets
29:56 – Checking the website in mobile format

Here are the step-by-step setup tasks for the Enfold wordpress theme:

1. Install WordPress
2. Upload and activate the Enfold wordpress theme
3. Delete/deactivate all plugins
4. Setup the Enfold Slider
a. Slider Width = 1400
b. Slider Height = 500
c. Add slide images
d. Add text layers to slides
e. Set text transition effect
5. Add a new page
a. This will be the homepage
b. For the demo, I called it ‘Backyard Smarts’, my brand
c. Use the Advanced Layout tool
6. Create a layout with the following areas
a. Advanced Layerslider
b. One 1 layout element with a Text Block inside
c. Three 1/3rd layout elements, each with an Icon Box inside
d. Four 1/4th layout elements, each with an Icon Box inside
e. One 1 cell layout element with a Promo box inside
f. One 1 cell layout element with a Testimonial box inside
7. Set No Sidebar in Page Layout section
8. Set homepage in Enfold Settings
9. In the Enfold settings page, hide the Title and Breadcrumbs
10. Create About and Contact pages
11. Customize the Footer widgets

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