Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress Plugin Tutorial

We show you how you can easily implement pricing tables on your WordPress website.

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12 Replies to “Easy Pricing Tables – WordPress Plugin Tutorial”

  1. My pleasure….. Do you know how to set expiration date or time on each package? thank you in advance eMediaCoach

  2. please i want to ask which plugin to use in creating and customizing an admin and user panel such a way that anyone who registers or signs up in your website will automatically have his or her own user panel where they can make changes and do some stuffs and also have a dash board where they can see there daily earnings and other transactions and also the user should be able to see his deposit and withdrawal request and the rest transactions, i.e it will look like a ptc site or a survey earning site. please help

  3. Thank you so much for this video! You saved my morning from frustration! I’m a wordpress newbie and this was so so easy to follow 😀

  4. Excellent tutorial. I love the plugin and I’ve purchased the premium version so I can integrate it with Woocommerce.

  5. Thumbs up 😉

    But do you know how to export the tables into a new website ? 🙂

  6. Hello, is there an issue with this plugin when using Visual Composer? When it is activated, my Visual Composer seems to stop working, it infinitely loads when I click on the edit with Visual Composer button.

  7. Hi eMedia Coach! I really enjoy your video. For my business website, I have set up a pricing table, and now I’d like to use PaidMembershipsPro. Do you have any advice for how to accomplish it or do you have a related video for it? Thank you for all your hard work and looking forward to hearing grom you.

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