Dreamweaver CC And WordPress Tutorial 2015 Part 1

Dreamweaver CC And WordPress Tutorial 2015 Part 1

WordPress offers powerful content management for your website while Dreamweaver CC enables easy design and coding-a potent combination. In this course, you’ll explore how to integrate WordPress into a Dreamweaver site, allowing you to edit and expand your code with Dreamweaver’s native tools. Author Joseph Lowery shows how to take WordPress themes to the next level, using CSS customization and jQuery widgets. He also covers how to make your pages responsive to tablet and phone layouts, and develop category-driven layouts. Finally, you’ll investigate how to extend WordPress with plugins, style them with Dreamweaver, and get your finished website online using Dreamweaver’s publishing and testing tools.

Setting Up WordPress, Exploring Your WordPress Site in Dreamweaver CC, Creating Content,
Working with WordPress Themes, Customizing a Theme, Providing Responsive Design,
Extending WordPress Editable Pages, Enhanced JavaScript with WordPress, Using WordPress
Plugins, Extending the User Experience, WordPress Administration,Publishing Your WordPress ,
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  2. Hello how would I connect a cloud server instead of a local server? I pay for a wordpress cloud server thru wpengine, and would like to do this method.

  3. hi I gor a problem Dynamically-related files could not be resolved that text shows up

    but design and view works and HTML shows up

    I have changed wordpress permalinks to plain still that text shows up

    please advice what can be wrong?

  4. im getting these errors :S when trying to install from browser as you suggest

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