Download Monitor – WordPress Tutorial Video

Download Monitor – WordPress Tutorial Video

In this WordPress plugin tutorial we explain how to set up the Download Monitor Plugin to manage content downloads. Free WordPress training by Site Sparker. For support – try the forums at so you to get help directly from plugin developers and the WordPress community.


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  1. Hi Site Sparker, I’m having trouble on the part when you copied the link address onto the page at 4:02. When I copy and paste mine, all I get is a link to the image, taking you to a different page.I have Download Monitor 3.5.1. I wasn’t sure if you used the same version. Thanks.

  2. Probably best for you to check the forums at WordPress [dot] org for support on this. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for a great plugin, just what I needed – no complex shortcodes and media IDs. I just have one question – is there a way to reset a counter?

  4. I think this is for WordPress Download Manager NOT Download Monitor (which is what I hoping to get help with). 

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