Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Footer Credits

Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Footer Credits

In this Divi theme tutorial, I show you how to remove the Divi footer credits and create your own custom Divi footer.

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I use the Divi 3.0 visual editor to speed up the workflow. This is the latest elegant themes update to Divi.


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24 Replies to “Divi Theme Tutorial: Divi Footer Credits”

  1. +Mak, This one is Truly Awesome 🙂
    but using the widgets area + different widget we can do the same thing. is there any difference?

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Mak.
    A question, is there any easy way to change those link color (only for footer) & adding a hover color? Right now I can do that by adding section specific CSS code. But any other way around?

  3. What about the dynamic pages such a woocommerce or post pages, etc? The footer doesn’t show up and divi doesn’t allow you to design these pages?

  4. Awesome man. Thank you so much.I really learned alot from this. Thank you once again. Keep it up

  5. Hi, I found this, is it true? Google does not like hiding links with display:none because that’s a technique that spammers use to hide the links from users while still showing it to Google (in hopes of higher rankings).
    Your site might get flagged, and it will cause you to lose your search engine rankings.
    So whatever you do, do not use the CSS method like this:

  6. Is there a way to apply this footer globally or do you have to do it individually? Thanks.

  7. Do you know of any way to make the link colours in the footer a different colour? I see yours are yellow/gold, can you only change that through the WordPress Theme Customizer -> General Settings -> Typography, or can I make the links in the footer a different colour from the links on the rest of the website?


  8. Hi MAK, that’s great but I’ve got a question.
    When you are on your Blog page, you cannot use the divi builder option so you cannot use this method.
    Is there any bit of code to display the footer we have just saved in our library for the Blog page?


  9. I did learn one or two things from watching this video, so will be saving it to my Diigo, ta for that! One thing though, did you spot the glaring spelling error? That did make me smile!

  10. Fantastic!! Great Video. You solved the problem I had with the footer. Thak u !! 🙂

  11. Hello Mak, reviewing the video, i have 2 questions. The social media module, which is? i don’t have that module in divi, and the color of the links how can i change it?. thank you for your support!.

  12. I’ve been using Divi for a couple years now, and altho I’m basically a fan and support it, items like this *desperately* needs to be improved. There is a default footer already. *Why* isn’t it simply built in as a default module so people can simply go in and modify it?

    Some things in Divi make it terrifically easy, other parts are far more difficult than they should be, and that should be simple.

    The questions in the comment field NEED to be answered by Divi support (no hate to the uploader, I”m just saying what needs to be said).

    Almost every site in existence has a basic need for footers that have the required info (Contact, About, Social buttons, etc) and then have that footer as a default setting on ALL their posts and pages. This is a standard to countless, endless numbers of websites.

    Yet Elegant/Divi is having us jump through hoops to accomplish one of the most basic parts of all websites. It is extremely frustrating.

    And, I don’t want to be entering code that is search engine unfriendly.

    Come on guys! Stop spending time developing animation gizmos when you NEED to be making the sites most basic components easy for people to manipulate and change immediately and instantly.


  13. Hi Mak, I have followed all your suggestions and added a Phone, Mail and Pen Icon to the footer for my website . This all shows up in the divi builder but when I browse to the site in Chrome, IE, Edge of Firefox, none of them are able to show the icons. Do I need to add the ETModules font on the hosting site or is there something else I need to do?

  14. The problem is this only works for PAGES.. but for default posts, woocommerce and others it doesn’t work.. so most likely i will have two footers specially for the posts and woocommerce pages…

  15. amazing tutorial, but i have an issue with setting up the new area as a Footer, it stucks on the top, how can i make it permanently in bottom ?

  16. Great Video bro, Do you have to do this to every single page in order to for it to appear, or globally mean its will show on all pages ?

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