Creating WordPress Menus

Creating WordPress Menus

Need help creating your first WordPress menu? No problem. Not sure how to add drop-downs for sub-pages in your WordPress menu? No problem. This tutorial is for helping you understand how to use the Menu Manager that is native to WordPress. The Menu Manager was built to help WordPress site owners create custom organized menus for their WordPress site without having to touch a single line of code.

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16 Replies to “Creating WordPress Menus”

  1. Great video but im confused, there is no Item MENU under Appearances . 
    im on WordPress 3.9 . here a screenshot ;

  2. @Ron San it appears that you disabled replies to your comment, so I hope you get this comment.  

    I took a look at your screen shot and it would appear to me that some of your capabilities have been modified.  

    Please answer this so I can help you better.  Did you install WordPress yourself, or did someone else (like a webmaster or hosting company) install WordPress for you?

  3. Grazie. Now I’m no longer lost when it comes to WordPress navigation.

  4. Ohhhh…. Thank you. This Video is the best of all WordPress-Menu Videos

    Veery Thank

  5. Hi mate! I got a Problem with my WordPress Menu… I got a few Sub-Pages in my Menu and when it comes to many of sub pages… its always “open” without dragin the mouse over it. Sorry for my bad english… My problem is hard to explain… ^^ Can i fix this?

  6. This is great  …just one question – say I have a list of sub menus under “Our Services” for example – but I only want the sub pages to display content and not have the top Our Services menu display any content (not clickable etc) – is that something I can do….I am new to wordpress – I am using the Catch Box theme

  7. Hi there, 
    I’m trying to make a menu and though your video is great and really helpful, the column to the left of my menu structure only has a Forums options available… no Pages, nothing. I have the Enfold theme by Kriesi running. Do you think this is a wordpress issue or a theme issue? 
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated. 
    Great video, thanks! 

  8. thanx for the great tutorial. i already have pages set up – but want to add more sub-categories within the one of the pages. how do i do that? tx

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