Creating Video Galleries: WordPress Tutorial Video

Creating Video Galleries: WordPress Tutorial Video

In this WordPress plugin tutorial we explain how to set up the Wordtube plugin to manage video galleries. Free WordPress training by Site Sparker. For support – try the forums at so you to get help directly from plugin developers and the WordPress community.


14 Replies to “Creating Video Galleries: WordPress Tutorial Video”

  1. what plugging can I use for sign up and log in, also leave comments if I have a video gallery or pics?

  2. I like the Theme My Login plugin which can add a signup widget to your sidebar. You don’t need a plugin for comments — that’s automatically built in. But you WILL need a captcha plugin to block spam if you turn comments on.

  3. @futureBLU hahaha! never heard that before… you really should hear my Jim Carrey!

  4. Terrific work – thanks for doing the video. I’m going across to implement wordtube right now.

  5. Hello,

    I am new to Worpress. Can you tell us, how to add a post in your website or if you can share the ideal youtube video tutorial on that matter please?

    I have been been following your instructions and regardless, my post is bigger than regular size but remain completely blank.
    I suspect the post wants to show the player and playerlist but does not do it.
    Thanks again for the terrific instructions, it was a breeze.

  6. i still dont understand how to upload the files using media, pls kindly go through it on screen

  7. is there a plugin where i can have useres upload videos and comment like youtube

  8. Gracias Sparker por tu video, busqué por 4 días o más un plugin wordpress que me permitiera enlazar videos y gracias a ti, puede!!! éxito!!!

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  10. Hey does this work with Vimeo videos? I tried to put it the [media id=videonumber] code into my WP site and I don’t see anything 🙁 I did put in the correct video’s url. Idk what’s going on with that.

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