Create A Free WordPress Website 2017 Tutorial

Create A Free WordPress Website 2017 Tutorial

In this WordPress tutorial I will show you how to create an awesome, responsive and modern website using WordPress and the Visual build tools. I will create the website for you and show you how to import it in your WordPress Installation with a plugin. Your website will be up and running in 30 minutes as demonstrated in the video. Everything is step by step and you explained with Annotations. The website is built with the free Sydney Theme. I have installed a child theme in my installation with Custom CSS to give it an awesome look and feel. The site includes sample sliders, Child Theme, Sydney Theme, Bever Builder Lite, Yoast SEO plugin, Migration Tools and TinyMCE plugin. Everything is included and you do not need to set it up but simply customize it per your needs.I will dmonstrate in detail how to Customize every element on the Site with Visual Builder (Beaver Builder Lite). I have only used one element (Visual Editor) because I want to keep everything free and importable.


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  1. Please Like and Subscribe if You learned anything fun! Download of Sample Content is available on the page on my website with the link in the description. Make something Professional in 30 minutes or may be under 20 minutes 😉

  2. I need your help. Do you know how to create a membership WordPress website? Love your video. Very Helpful!

  3. i really appreciate ur sturff but after evrything my wp password is not longer working

  4. Hi Asad Sir, Thanks for such a great video.I had liked and followed ur fb page also. But I’m stuck, When I import file in wordpress, it uploads and after that it shows dialog box to continue (shown in video at 15.35). After click on continue its showing dialog box (restoring 1567 files / Done Preparing Blogs) for hours an hours. Please help me what can I Do? Thanks In Advance.

  5. Im trying to import the file with All-in-one WP migration, but it always says that the file is corrupt.
    Could you please help me with this issue? Thanks!

  6. Great tutorial Asad! you got me up and running (customized)with everything in under 4 hours…I had one question though, the blue button on the website: “CLICK TO BEGIN” how can i direct that to another page?

  7. I have a question concerning: when I add a page there are text such as: Recent Comments, Archives, Categories, Meta etc…How do I get rid of that, when I add a page?

  8. Please give me more ideas abiut All in One WP Migration plugin in your vedio

  9. hey asad can i change coding(css,js,php) in this theme? if yes… than how?

  10. Nice work man. Is stils possible to create this theme? its just those links seem doesnt work in your page?

  11. Hi Asad am not able to download your content demo on you website . I don’t know what is wrong .

  12. The site is working on google chrome, but just doesn’t load on the browser firefox, any idea how to fix that?

  13. Can you please leave me with your phone number so that i can call you for your help.

  14. Hi Asad, I am having issues importing the file… Using All In One WP Migration! getting stuck with the following message: “Done activating mu-plugins…

  15. Hi Asad, thanks for your reply, is it because I am using instantWP on local machine, as I would like to build & test before hosting live. regards Ashwin

  16. PLease help me how to change in MENUs original name for example About Menu,i cant add two Aabout menus and modify,because they have same original name? if you understand me? how to change that… dont get me wrong i dont want to rename it i know that ,i want to change ( Original : About )

  17. hi there, can you advise, I want to raise the slider text (the bottom, smaller one) higher up on the page to where the top one resides, I have deleted the top one and only need the smaller font and placement. TY.

  18. thanks for the video. i am just starting to use WordPress hope u will help me further

  19. Hi there my friend, I have another situation. I have switched the front page menu order, so when you scroll down on the home page another box of writing appears. However, I have lost the white background and the floating effect like the other pages have.

    I do not have the three circles, I removed them, rather just a page of verbiage. It has a scrolling white background which is within a box where the writing is.

    But after i switched the menu order and checked that to be my front page, the white background and overall feel has gone. Just the letters appear on the module.

  20. Hi Asad..thank you very much for the tutorial it was great..i liked your facebook link to get the theme download but it didnt come up with the download link..can you help please..

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