Contact Form Not Working WordPress Tutorial

Contact Form Not Working WordPress Tutorial

Is Contact Form 7 really not working – Then this mystery is resolved. This video is the answer to all your questions on CF7. Stop scratching your head thinking about why sending message with contact form 7 got failed, why there is no message in the inbox even after the ‘message sent successfully’ is displayed. Very difficultly I figured out the solution. Please go through the video carefully. You will get the answers

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12 Replies to “Contact Form Not Working WordPress Tutorial”

  1. Added email address in cPanel, and changed the Contact Form 7 Mail tab From to info@mydomain. Nothing. Did not receive an email in my CF7 To email address, nor my new cPanel address.

  2. Thank you, what worked for me is Deleting external email addresses and only using our Domain email addresses. I.E. We use Hostgator. There is a php send mail format I guess I’d call it. Basically use PHP to program your sendmail instead of using formmail. Hosting companies don’t like form mail because it allows scammers to use html in the comment section. Thank you HBN for your help.

  3. Hi , this video was helpful but still I am not receiving the email .
    Question: I am using WordPress through local-host is that a reason for not receiving email. thank you

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