Contact Form 7 For WordPress Tutorial

Contact Form 7 For WordPress Tutorial

UPDATE: The quality was lacking in this one so try this one: it’s much clearer.

– specifically created for a client available for sharing. This is a simple look at how to use Contact Form 7 on WordPress (WP version in this video is 3.1)


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  1. I’m sure the content is good, but you can’t see anything, even when you go full screen…that’s probably why there are a few dislikes.

  2. Really Good Information; just what I was looking for. Could you please name the plugins that you have chosen to go along with Contact Form 7?

  3. Fantastic Intro to Contact Form 7 and the Contact Form to DB or Database Extension plugin for WordPress. While following along, I noticed that you must use the new form to actually send a message before you attempt to “select a form” on the DB Extension Database screen. Thank you for doing this intro.

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