Building A WordPress Theme From Scratch Tutorial: Wireframing In Photoshop

Building A WordPress Theme From Scratch Tutorial: Wireframing In Photoshop

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18 Replies to “Building A WordPress Theme From Scratch Tutorial: Wireframing In Photoshop”

  1. How do you then upload your wire frame to the web site and create links etc.. Will you be covering this also?

  2. Hey man, good tutorial.  I am looking for info on software to take the PSD and slice it for use in WordPress.  Do you do this or can you make suggestions?  I know of a few but would appreciate hearing your spin on it.  Also, if you do work for hire AKA creating custom WP themes, I am setting up a web store and may be interested working with you.


  3. If you’re not going to show any coding then the title should only be “Building A Webstie Wireframe”. When you include the “wordpress” aspect into the description it implies the addition of coding after the layout is created.

  4. This is absolutely fantastic; I’m an oil painter, not a digital artist; but I’ve designed and sketched my own website (in pen and ink) and I need to mock it up in photoshop so it can be coded. This tutorial is amazing; clear and illustrative. Thanks so much!

  5. You could also use a premade PSD grid from Bootstrap or 1140. It’s a great way to quickly build out templates in Photoshop without having to worry about doing the correct math. Great video though!

  6. The advice at 15:45 was clutch. I never knew holding the space bar would allow you to move a shape while drawing.

  7. Excuse me, is there a follow-up video that shows how to enable functionality for the wireframe? Thank you! I am trying to do a website myself on WordPress?

  8. How does this translate to making an actual coded WP theme? What am I missing here? Looks like a concept that requires all the normal hard coding after the image is made? I am very confused as to the point of all this in terms of a FULLY FUNCTIONAL WP theme? CAN YOU TAKE THIS ALL INTO WP WITH THE CODE ALL COMPLETED and READY as a TEMPLATE???? Thank you….

  9. +Photoshop, Lightroom & Photography Tutorials By Lance , how to you then upload it to wordpress??? Please could you tell me how to do it?

  10. This would be a good tutorial on wire framing in Photoshop but you should change the title not to mislead people into thinking your are going to help them write the code to make this into a WordPress theme.

  11. Dude can i ask what program your using to record your videos. I’m looking to start a web development / marketing channel but im having a problem finding a decent desktop video recording / editing software that doesnt cost an arm and a leg

  12. it is very informative video, i wish you add the second part to actually convert the ps to wordpress theme. it seems you are professional and knowledgeable in your field. thx

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