Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video

WP Dashboard Overview Tutorial. This video will give a basic overview of the WordPress dashboard including how to do a post and a page as well as plugins.

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32 Replies to “Beginner WordPress Tutorial Video”

  1. Even for a seasoned pro like me, there are some useful tidbits that I forgot. Thanks.

  2. Lots of positive posts here, let me try with constructive critisism.

    What a useless video, u basically read through the menu, and said the most obvious things that fell into ur head.

    Im trying to learn this, I need to see what it looks like, what I can and cannot do, what the prosses is for implementing anything. Take widgets for one, I want widgets that are not there… how do i install new ones? or themes, or videos…
    Anyway, ill figure it out.

  3. Having no association with WordPress, I thought this was a good initial walk-though. Thanks.

  4. @Ex0dus111 This is for people who are learning the dashboard. That’s not constructive criticism. Constructive criticism would be something along the lines of “The description was deceiving…” or “I think you could zoom in at different areas”

    Also, the word is “you”, not “u”. That’s a fucking letter. Do some more god damned research and don’t get mad when one fucking video isn’t everything you need. You can start by, I don’t know, READING THE WORD PRESS DOCUMENTATION! That has answers.

  5. “constructive critisism” is when you give suggestions to make it better, all you did was complain and ask very broad questions. But constructive critisism you gave none “usless comment”

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  7. WordPress sucks…just started and it wont even let me start editing. Just continual error messages. Just pay for REAL hosting people.

  8. @Ex0dus111 you’re watching the wrong video pal, i am just beginning with wordpress and i find this very valuable, so you may want to find a video that does not include the word beginner in the tile, and an overview of wordpress as a description.

  9. If you want a full wordpress beginners guide which is easy to follow watch my video: /watch?v=RbZYeCCguU0

  10. Hey, nice video!
    Help me out here, can i actually like design and prepare my website before buying the server?
    On wordpress i mean. Or i guess i would need the database before anything right?
    Sorry beginner here

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  15. Thanks a bunch. I totally like your vid and the following just crossed my mind. Would you mind putting links to each other’s videos because it seems to make perfect sense to our audiences.

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