Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) – 2013

Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) – 2013

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Here’s how to make a website using WordPress. This is for complete beginners, so you do not need to know anything about making websites in order to follow along.


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  1. Hi Tyler, I Looking Build A Site For My Affiliate Marketing I Will Need Your Help.

  2. Hi Tyler, how can i upload the page to my server if i’ve been working off line on my mac on the web page? 
    Thanks for your help on this it was really helpfull

  3. Hi Tyler. Can you please tell me which theme was used in this video? Super helpful! Thanks!

  4. Hi Tyler, Im
    ‘m wanting to place my paypal button into the htlm code, but don’t know how to find the code.Can you help? 

  5. I’m using wordpress, but the way with my host being Hostgator. They say to ask you.

  6. Hi Tyker, this is great tutorial. Please can you send me WordPress software and its accessories, I’ll appreciate, Thanks for accepting.

  7. Lovely. I watched the whole thing! The short code stuff is going to be hard to remember, though. Also, having to copy/paste code from plug-ins seems to add a complicated step. Oh well. I guess that’s for people who want to dig deep into this. I just want something cool up and running ASAP!

  8. Hi Tyler, I am trying to make web with word press and am following you. but i was wondering that I was clicked the install button. but it doesnt work. then i can see ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN. mean that the server does not have permission to view the requested file or resource. wanna solve it… 

  9. Hi is Roberts site a responsive website? Meaning can it accommodate mobile and tablet platform for viewing. 

  10. hi tylor i need limo booking form how i can get it if u can help or any plugins 

  11. I am in Germany. Would you guys recommand me not to get a hosting service that is located in US? other words – Do you guys suggest me to get a hosting provider in Germany because I am in Germany.

    I know the servers would be far away from me in US but would I experience something big and bad?

  12. What is the difference between installing wordpress this way and installing it with HTML, codex, etc.? I am a noob when it comes to programming…

  13. Super, dank diesem Tutorial habe ich verstanden, wie WordPress in seinen Grundlagen funktioniert.

  14. do you have a tutorial like this for the Adore Church template?  I have been thrown into creating a genealogy website for our church and need help!

  15. Hello, and thanks for your tutorials, they are very useful !

    Maybe you can help me, I wonder if it is possible to make a slider which operates with a ip identification system ?

    I need that people who visit the site, see in the slider the nearest items referenced in my site (products classified by geolocalization) ?

    Do you know if there is an existing plugin who allows to do that ? If not, is it expensive to ask a programmer to create this kind of plugin ?


  16. I am building a health care website. where both patient and doctors are allowed to register. Here I want to register doctors by different registration form and should be available with different role. and patient different registration form. and different page . any idea plugin or any code .

  17. At about 49 minutes into the video, you talk about “Portfolio – AJAX” on the Template drop down menu – I don’t see “Portfolio – AJAX” in the Template drop down menu of my newly installed version of WordPress.

    Was it taken out of the later versions?

  18. Hey tyler, Your videos are really exciting. can I expect a video about email marketing ?

  19. hi man, i have a big problem. when i started my new website, i just applied a theme and unfortunately deleted all the pages. thats why i am not getting any menu bar, just having a simple landing page like page. i tried many themes, but still no changes. so what to do? how can i get menu bar? i already have cleared the trash also..

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